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Peter Kalikow
Peter S. Kalikow at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2007.jpg
Born (1942-12-01) December 1, 1942 (age 76)
OccupationReal estate developer
Known forPresident of H.J. Kalikow & Company, LLC
Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Owner and publisher of the New York Post
Spouse(s)Mary Typaldos Jacobatos

Peter Stephen Kalikow (born December 1, 1942) is President of H. J. Kalikow & Company, LLC, one of New York City's leading real estate firms, he is the former Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA),[1] former Commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and past owner and publisher of the New York Post which he bought from Rupert Murdoch in 1988 for $37.6 million and lost to bankruptcy in 1993.


Born to a Jewish family,[2] the son of Juliet and Harold J. Kalikow.[3] Kalikow was raised in Forest Hills, Queens, the grandson of an immigrant from Russia who developed housing on large tracts of undeveloped farmland in Queens in the 1930s and then aided by his son, made a small fortune from the post-World War II housing boom building thousands of six-story apartment buildings.[4] After graduating from Hofstra University, Kalikow began his career in real estate in 1967 and became President of H. J. Kalikow & Co. in 1973. Following his father's death in 1982, Kalikow assumed responsibility for all Kalikow holdings. Kalikow is the third generation to preside over his family's 88-year-old real estate company founded in 1927.[5]

In May 2000, Kalikow was named Chairman of the Grand Central Partnership Board of Directors; the Grand Central Partnership is one of the largest and most successful Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in New York City.[5] Kalikow is very familiar with the area covered by the Grand Central Partnership, as his company headquarters, 101 Park Avenue, was one of the first new office developments in the area dating back to 1982.

Political involvement[edit]

Kalikow is known for his support of Republican political candidates, and endorsed Herman Cain in the United States presidential election, 2012;[6] when Cain dropped out of the race, it was revealed that his "super PAC", called "Cain Connections,"[7] was funded by a single $50,000 donation from Kalikow.[8]

Philanthropy and accolades[edit]

In 1982, he was awarded the Israel Peace Medal, Israel's highest civilian award, for his dedication to assisting the nation's development.[9] In November 2008, Kalikow was honored by Consul General of Italy Francesco M. Talo,[5] with the Commendatore[5][10] in the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, one of the highest honors bestowed by the Government of Italy. Kalikow is widely recognized as a cultural ambassador for his economic and philanthropic efforts as they relate to Italy.

In 2015, Kalikow, a Hofstra University trustee and alumnus, established the Peter S. Kalikow School of Government, Public Policy and International Affairs at Hofstra with a $12 million gift. Kalikow has been instrumental in enhancing Hofstra's reputation as one of the preeminent universities with a focus on the American Presidency. Prior to this gift, Kalikow endowed the Peter S. Kalikow Chair in Presidential Studies and the Peter S. Kalikow Center for the Study of the American Presidency.

Personal life[edit]

In 1971, he married Mary Typaldos Jacobatos;[11] they have two children, Nicholas Alexander and Kathryn Harold.

Kalikow's son Nicholas Alexander[5][12] graduated from Columbia University, after majoring in art history.[13] Nicholas works in the film industry,[14] he started his film company, called Film 101 Productions, after first working for his father in real estate for a short while.[13] He was executive producer for a film The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat and Beers, which showed at the Tribeca Film Festival and aired on Spike TV.[13] In 2004, he made a short film called A Funny Thing Happened at the Quickmart, which also showed at the Tribeca Film Festival,[13] he also directed a film, Concrete Blondes, which was released in January 2012 .[15][16]

Car collection[edit]

Kalikow has been called one of the most famous car collectors in the United States,[17][18] he speaks with expertise on $250K and more expensive "muscle cars" and is interested in "personal coach building."[17] He has a particular passion for vintage Ferraris of the 50s and 60s;[17] the cars he uses most frequently are his "Californias (LWB and SWB) and of course my 400 Superamerica Aerodinamico."[17] He also commissioned Pininfarina with the design of one-off exclusive car called the Ferrari 612 Kappa.[17] Part of his instructions to Pininfarina was, "The car should be totally rebodied but the style changes should be so slight and fine to allow that no more than 10% of Ferrari experts to catch them at first glance."[17] In doing this project, the small adjustments he asked for meant that body panels needed to be completely redesigned in order for the car to meet standards.[17] To work on the project, he received daily emails and made three or four trips to Torino to get the touch and feel of the car,[17] he also owns the Ferrari Superamerica 45,[19] celebrating Kalikow's 45th year as a Ferrari customer. In 1972, Kalikow started the Momo car company,[18] he "self-made" six models of the 1972 Momo Mirage, and in 2009 FedExed the one he owned to Como, Italy.[18] In 2006, he placed "best in show" at Villa d'Este, Como, Italy, for his Ferrari 410 SA Coupé Pinin Farina #1449 SA.[20] In another event, his 1959 Ferrari, a Superamerica 410,[21] valued at $1 million at the time, suffered damage on a Singapore Airlines flight from Zürich to New York in May 2006;[21] the car had been at Lake Como, Italy at a car show. Jet fuel spilled on the car while in transit. Insurance covered $32,157 worth of damages.[22]


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