Peterloo (film)

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Directed by Mike Leigh
Produced by Georgina Lowe
Written by Mike Leigh
Music by Gary Yershon
Cinematography Dick Pope
Edited by Jon Gregory
Distributed by Entertainment One
Release date
  • 2 November 2018 (2018-11-02) (United Kingdom)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Peterloo is an upcoming British historical drama directed and written by Mike Leigh.

The film is scheduled to be released on 2 November 2018, by Entertainment One.


The movie Peterloo will mark the 200th anniversary of the notorious Manchester Massacre.

On 16th August 1819, a crowd of some 60,000 people from Manchester and surrounding towns gathered in St Peter’s Fields to demand Parliamentary reform and an extension of voting rights, the meeting had been peaceful but in the attempt to arrest a leader of the meeting the armed government militias panicked and charged upon the crowd. The toll of casualties has always been disputed, but as many as 15 people were killed and up to 700 wounded, the immediate effect of the massacre was a crackdown on reform, as the authorities feared the country was heading towards armed rebellion. However, the outcry led to the founding of the Manchester Guardian and played a significant role in the passage through Parliament of the Great Reform Act 13 years later.[1]



Filming began in May 2017.[2]


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