Petit ministère of 1851

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Petit ministère of 1851
cabinet of France
Date formed 24 January 1851
Date dissolved 10 April 1851
People and organisations
Head of state Louis Napoleon
Predecessor Cabinet of Alphonse Henri d'Hautpoul
Successor Cabinet of Léon Faucher

The Petit ministère of 1851 governed France from 24 January 1851 to 10 April 1851 during the French Second Republic, replacing the Cabinet of Alphonse Henri d'Hautpoul. It was a compromise cabinet formed by President Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte after the National Legislative Assembly had refused to accept a cabinet dominated by Bonapartists, and had no president.[1] It was replaced by the Cabinet of Léon Faucher on 10 April 1851.[2] The ministers were:[3]