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Phi Delta Slam

Phi Delta Slam is a professional wrestling tag team, consisting of Big Tilly and Bruno Sassi. They wrestle principally on the Floridian independent circuit; when Sassi began wrestling on the Floridian independent circuit, he formed a tag team with "Brother" Dan Evans. Evans and Sassi used the gimmick of a pair of boisterous, prank playing fraternity members. After Evans retired for several years, Sassi continued to use the gimmick, found a new tag team partner, Big Tilly. Sassi and Tilly became known collectively as "Phi Delta Slam". Phi Delta Slam made their debut in ECW on June 26, 1994, their first match was on ECW Hardcore TV episode #64 on July 5, 1994 against ECW Tag Team Champions Public Enemy. They appeared in the now-defunct Future of Wrestling promotion in 2001 and remained there until the promotion folded in 2002, they were rejoined by Evans, expanding Phi Delta Slam to a stable. Phi Delta Slam appeared with the South Florida based Coastal Championship Wrestling promotion throughout 2004.

In 2005, Phi Delta Slam were signed by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Phi Delta Slam were introduced to TNA after Dusty Rhodes told his two competing assistants, Traci Brooks and Trinity, to each find a tag team; the tag teams would wrestle one another at Destination X, with the winning tag team's sponsor becoming Rhodes' sole assistant. Trinity selected Phi Delta Slam, they debuted in February 2005, wrestling dark matches, made their onscreen debut on March 13 at Destination X, where they lost to Traci's choice, The Harris Brothers. Phi Delta Slam remained in TNA for several weeks afterwards, but were unable to get over with fans, began appearing only sporadically with the promotion. In September 2005, their profiles were removed from the TNA website, confirming that the team was gone from TNA. Tilly and Sassi made a cameo appearance in a series of comedy segments on the December 20, 2007 episode of Impact! where they were seen at Eric Young's Christmas party, which involved the likes of Bushwhacker Butch, Kevin Nash, ODB, Awesome Kong.

In early 2009, both Tilly and Sassi returned to TNA as the personal security of The Main Event Mafia in order to help them fend off the TNA Frontline. In order play into the mafia aspect of the stable, both were renamed to Rocco and Sal both began wearing sunglasses at all times and Sassi dyed his blond hair to black and began sporting a beard. On the March 13 edition of Impact!, Sal and Kurt Angle accompanied Rocco as he wrestled Frontline member Eric Young in the main event, which Rocco lost after Young pinned him following a Death Valley driver. On the April 2 edition of Impact! they were defeated in a tag team match by Team 3D. On the May 7 edition of Impact! they were defeated in a handicap match by Matt Morgan. On the May 28 edition of Impact! Sting, the new leader of the Main Event Mafia, fired Sal. On the June 4, 2009, edition of Impact! Rocco and Sal were hired by Mick Foley, they wrestled their first title match on the July 23 edition of impact, losing to TNA World Tag Team Champions Scott Steiner and Booker T.

The two of them have since made only sporadic appearances as security men. American Wrestling Federation AWF Tag Team Championship Coastal Championship WrestlingCCW Tag Team Championship Florida Wrestling AllianceFWA Tag Team Championship Independent Pro Wrestling AssociationIPWA Tag Team Championship International Wrestling FederationIWF Tag Team Championship South Eastern Championship WrestlingSECW Tag Team Championship World Wide WrestlingWWW Tag Team Championship

Blake's Lotaburger

Blake's Lotaburger is a fast casual chain, across the southwest, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Blake's has 75 locations located in New Mexico. Blake's Lotaburger owns the majority of the property that its stores are built on and the company's construction division oversees the development of all new stores. Blake's owns and operates its own sheet metal shop, refrigeration shop, cabinet shop, vehicle shop, maintenance fleet, commissary; the traditional signage out front is the "Blake's Man", a 10-to-15-foot-tall man with blue poles for legs, a blue hat and bowtie, a jacket with white and red stripes. It holds a sign bearing the Blake's name. Blake's Lotaburger was founded by World War II Navy Veteran Blake Chanslor, who moved from Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico after World War II. Chanslor opened his first "Lota Burger" stand on July 9, 1952, his initial investment in the business was $5,300, his stand was 230 square feet, on the corner of San Mateo and Southern, in southeast Albuquerque.

In 1953, he opened two more stores. Chanslor expanded Lotaburger to 23 cities in New Mexico, with 7 stores in the Four Corners Area and 35 stores in Albuquerque. Chanslor remained the owner until 2003, when he sold his interest to the father-son team of Ronald C. and Brian Rule. The restaurants are known as Blake's Lotaburger; as of 2018, the company operates 75 stores. In the 1990s, the company featured television commercial personality Ernest P. Worrell, played by Jim Varney, in many of its television ads. According to the Albuquerque Journal in 1994, Lotaburger helped popularize the use of green chiles, statewide staples of New Mexican food, as a condiment on hamburgers. In 2006, the company was recognized by National Geographic for the “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger in the World". In 2009, the New Mexico Tourism Department listed the restaurants as one of the state's destinations on the Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail. In June 2013, the company announced it would open its first Texas location would open that fall on El Paso's west side.

A second El Paso location opened in June 2014 on the city's east side. As of 2018, there are 3 locations in El Paso; the company announced plans in early 2015 to expand to Arizona. Two locations opened in April and June 2017, followed by a third location in January 2018. In 2017, Blake's Lotaburger became the first New Mexico True Certified Business in the state of New Mexico. Blake's signature menu items are the LOTA and ITSA Burgers, which are ordered with cheese and Hatch green chile added; the ITSA Burger is otherwise identical. In 2006 it was named the best burger in the world by National Geographic. Blake's serves a variety of other foods, including: Nathan's Famous hot dogs, chili con carne, chicken sandwich and award-winning breakfast burritos. There are rotating seasonal menu items, such as the Fish Basket and Fish Sandwich. Both are offered in the late winter-early spring during the Lenten season. Blake's is known for its unique, limited-time, featured shakes and malts. Flavors have included Pumpkin Pie, Birthday Cake, Cherry White Chocolate, Green Chile Lime and more Blake's Lotaburger is a long-time supporter of the Special Olympics in New Mexico.

The 2018 season marks a 22-year history with the organization. They participate in KOAT Channel 7's “KOATS for Kids” program which has donated over 300,000 coats to children and families in need. During the late-fall, customers are encouraged to donate their new and used coats in stores throughout the state of New Mexico. In 2009, Blake's Lotaburger was awarded "Best Burger" and "Best French Fries" in the Weekly Alibi. National Geographic in 2006, considered Blake's as having the “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger in the World". In June 2012, it ranked Blake's Lotaburger fourth on its 10 Best Hamburgers list. In 2009, Blake's Lotaburger was awarded “Best Burger” and “Best French Fries” in the Weekly Alibi's “Best of Burque” Awards. Blake's was again voted “Best Burger,” “Best French Fries” and “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger” in 2017. In 2016, Blake's was voted “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger in New Mexico” in the USA Today's 10 Best Readers’ Choice contest. In 2016, Blake's was voted “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger,” “Best French Fries” and “ Best Breakfast Burrito” in the Albuquerque Journal's Annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

In 2016, Blake's was voted “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger” and “Best French Fries” in Albuquerque Magazine's annual Best of City contest. In 2016, Blake's Lotaburger was voted “Best Burger” and “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger” in the University of New Mexico Daily Lobo Lo Mejor Survey. In 2017, Blake's Lotaburger was voted “Best Burger” and “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger” in the Albuquerque Journal's Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. In 2017, Blake's was voted “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger” and “Best Breakfast Burrito” in Albuquerque Magazine's annual Best of City contest. In 2017, Blake's Lotaburger was voted “Best Breakfast Burrito” in The Gallup Journey's Best of Gallup Contest. In 2017, Blake's Lotaburger was voted “Best Burger” and “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger” in the University of New Mexico Daily Lobo Lo Mejor Survey. In 2017, Blake's was voted “Best Green Chile Cheeseburger,” “Best Burger” and “Best French Fries” in The Weekly Alibi's Best of Burque Restaurants. In 2017, Blake's was voted one of Santa Fe's “Best Breakfast Burritos” and “Best Burgers” in the SF Reporter's “Best of Santa Fe” In 2017, Blake's was voted “Best Breakfast Burrito” in the Valencia County News Bulletin's Best of Valencia County 2017.

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Manikato Stakes

The Manikato Stakes is a Moonee Valley Racing Club Group 1 Thoroughbred horse race for horses aged three years old and over under Weight for age conditions, over a distance of 1200 metres. It is held at Moonee Valley Racecourse in Australia in late October. Total prize money for the race is A$1,000,000 The race is named after the great race horse Manikato, who won this race twice as well as winning 5 consecutive William Reid Stakes at Moonee Valley from 1979 to 1983. In 2009 the event was part of the Breeders' Cup Challenge series with the winner of the Manikato Stakes automatically qualifying for a berth in the Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint in the United States. From 2012, the race date was moved to Cox Plate Carnival Friday night in late October. While the race is a sprinter's race there are 4 winners who have won the prestigious W. S. Cox Plate: Strawberry Road, Dane Ripper and Sunline. 1968–1971 - 6 furlongs 1972 onwards - 1200 metres 1968–1978 - Principal race 1979–1988 - Group 2 race 1989 onwards - Group 1 race 1968–1983 - Freeway Stakes 1984 onwards - Manikato Stakes Time: Track record for the 1200 metres at Moonee Valley is 1:09.29 set by Miss Andretti in this race 2006.

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18 Wheels of Steel

18 Wheels of Steel is a series of trucking simulators developed by SCS Software and published by ValuSoft from 2002 to 2011. The series has eight installments; the first installment in the series, released in 2002. This installment is similar to Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel except that the graphics were updated, more trucks and cargo were added, a new map was created that enables users to travel across the entire continental U. S. through 30 cities. In this version, players can choose from 40 + trailers. Time is made up of a total of 24 minutes in a day in the clock; this game focuses on the delivery of cargo. Players will battle 3 AI drivers. Unlike in Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel, the sleep timer was removed from the simulation. There is an improved traffic model as well as airplanes and trains with authentic sounds. In this installment, released in 2004, the user can travel across the entire continental US, through northern Mexico and southern Canada, through 30 cities; the sleep timer was brought back in this version.

It has an improved traffic model. 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal requires OpenGL. It has the fastest map to date besides Haulin' and is the first trucking game to feature more than one country. In this updated installment, the player can travel through the United States, as well as southern Canada, though it differs from 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal in that Mexican cities are not present; the player can choose from 35 + rigs, 45 + cargoes and 47 + trailers. The player has to use the mouse to look outside of the cab at the mirrors; the graphics are much improved in this version, users can see drivers in other vehicles and when the trucks are "lugged" under 1500 RPM, they emit black exhaust much like older non-computerized trucks do. However, other graphical features such as dynamic dashboard gauges were replaced with simple inanimate textures, although this and minor bugs were fixed with a patch released by SCS Software in 2008. Players can buy things to protect themselves; this installment adds more cities and has more realistic graphics, but Mexico is gone from this installment, as in Convoy.

The ability to use custom soundtracks and save games during deliveries was added also. Users can choose from 45 + cargoes and 47 + trailers in the game, including double trailers; the game does not require a powerful computer to operate properly since it can run on most older PCs. The game's engine, Prism3d, may not respond on older graphic cards resulting in a game crash on the game's start-up. Countries include Canada; this installment of the game is similar to and has the same game play as Haulin' but with renamed companies, 2 new trucks, 3 cities in Mexico added. The previous 9 cities from 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal have returned but the map for each was updated. Extreme Trucker lets the player deliver cargoes in any of the three main areas of the game: Yungas Road, Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road, the Australian Outback; this game is quite different from the previous installments. The player can no longer drive around in free roam unless they decide to go around the map during a delivery, but they can only pick a job offer from the selection menu if users have met its requirements of having multiple new trucks and accomplished deliveries.

The trucks and cars are modeled after real brands, although users can not own any vehicles through the game and are truck drivers seeking various jobs. Still, today's low to mediocre range computer will be able to run the game without getting low FPS; the game was poorly received by critics. Game was criticised for change of series concept, but it was well received by players and some reviews were positive towards the game and praised the game for its graphics and gameplay. Released in 2011, Extreme Trucker 2 is a sequel to 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker; the game has two additional locations: Montana and Bangladesh, a few new types of cargo

Black discography

Black was formed in Dhaka, Bangladesh by vocalist Jon, guitarist Jahan & drummer Tony. The band is the first Alternative rock band of Bangladesh. Black is known for their music style and lyrics. Black started to gain popularity after they released their first song Chenna Dukkho in a 2000 compilation album, Charpotro. After their successful track Chenna Dukkho they went on to release two more singles from the compilation album Anushilon. Which earned the attentions of rock music listeners of Bangladesh. In 2002 Black would release their debut record titled Amar Prithibi. Work began on the album in fall of 2001, between which they had released several other singles in various compilation albums, came into completion fall of 2002; the album became commercially successful. Black stepped into the studio once more to start recording for their follow up album titled Utshober Por. Notably the tracks, "Utshober Por" and "Shloak" received frequent radio airplays. On April 20, 2005, Black was returning home after the completion of a Tour in Chittagong, when their bus crashed near a ditch on the road.

The crash caused the death of Imran Ahmed Choudhury Mobin, a sound engineer of the music industry of Bangladesh and a close friend of the band. Jon and Tahsan suffered minor injuries while Miraz and Tony had to be hospitalized immediately; the members of the band announced a hiatus until further notice. Miraz had to leave the band indefinitely. Although the band was inactive for a while they were still releasing singles through compilation albums. After a five-year break the band announced their official comeback with the release of their third studio album titled Abar, released in 2008. Black released their self-titled fourth studio album on August 21, 2011. 2000: Charpotro 2001: Anushilon 2002: Projonmo 2003: Din Bodol, Agontuk 2004: Lokayot, Agontuk 2, Offbeat 2005: Agontuk 3 2006: Shopnochura 2, Underground 2007: Shopnochura 3, Live Now 2008: Rock 101 2009: Rock 202 2010: Rock 505 2011: Cholo Bangladesh, Rock 606 2012: Hatiar Official Facebook Page Official Youtube Channel

Evolution (Sabrina Carpenter album)

Evolution is the second studio album by American singer Sabrina Carpenter, released on October 14, 2016, by Hollywood Records. Sabrina began recording the album in 2015, shortly after the launch of her first studio album, Eyes Wide Open until 2016; the album received positive reviews from music critics, commercially the album debuted at number 28 on the US Billboard 200 and sold 11,500 copies in its first week. "On Purpose" was released as the lead single from Evolution on July 29, 2016. It was followed by promotional singles "All We Have Is Love" and "Run and Hide" shortly before the album's release. "Thumbs" was the last single released from the album. The album was promoted with several performances. To further promote the album, Carpenter embarked on her first headlining concert tour, Evolution Tour; the lead single from the album, "On Purpose", was released on July 29, 2016. "Thumbs" impacted Top 40 radio as the second single from the album on January 3, 2017. The album was made available for pre-order and the first promotional single, titled "All We Have Is Love", was released on September 23, 2016.

"Run and Hide" was released as the second promotional single on September 30, 2016. Evolution was met with positive reviews, with critics complimenting Carpenter's sense of maturity and growth on the album in comparison to her debut album. Christine M. Sellers of The Celebrity Cafe wrote that Carpenter "proves she's not just another Disney darling transitioning through her teenage years" and that the album "showcases Carpenter's growth as both a songwriter and a vocalist". Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues of ANDPOP gave the album 3.8 thumbs up, saying that "with Evolution, Sabrina is showing a mature musical side, willing to experiment with techno beats and what she can do vocally. She provides an interesting indie yet synth take on pop music, has found a unique sound that she shines in, that separates her from the rest". On AllMusic, Matt Collar said: "The sophomore full-length studio album from Sabrina Carpenter, 2016's Evolution, showcases the singer/actress' bright, lyrical dance-pop sound.

The album follows up Carpenter's 2015 debut, Eyes Wide Open, finds the Girl Meets World star expanding upon that album's mix of heartfelt acoustic balladry, R&B-influenced pop, dance-oriented anthems. Included are collaborations with a bevy of name producers including Daylight, Steve Mac, Ido Zmishlany, others. Featured on the album is the single "On Purpose."" Evolution sold 11,500 copies in its first week. Credits adapted from the liner notes of Evolution. Recorded, engineered and mastered at Performers and production Business and design