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Phil Ek

Phil Ek is an American record producer and mixer. Ek began his career in Washington in the early 1990s recording live sound in clubs, he moved into studio recording, recording small projects and demos for local bands. Around this time, Ek was working with influential producer Jack Endino. Producing Built to Spill's second album, There's Nothing Wrong with Love, proved to be Ek's mainstream breakthrough. Phil Ek has worked with such indie rock bands as Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse, The Shins, Built to Spill, Duster, 764-HERO, Big Business and Mudhoney. Phil Ek - Official website, includes discography Interview, HitQuarters May 2009

Can't Get Enough (Patty Loveless song)

"Can't Get Enough" is a song written by Kent Blazy, Will Rambeaux and Blair Daly, recorded by American country music artist Patty Loveless. It was released in January 1999 as the first single from her compilation album Classics; the song charted for 20 weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart, reaching number 21 during the week of April 17, 1999. "Can't Get Enough" became Loveless' first entry into the Billboard Hot 100, charting for four weeks, reaching number 96 during the week of April 17, 1999. "Can't Get Enough" is one of what Loveless calls "Radio Songs", which means it's uplifting, has a fast beat and is easy to dance to. In March 1999, Loveless and her producer/husband Emory Gordy, Jr. went back into the studio and recorded some remixes of the song in a more pop/rock & roll genre which Loveless and Gordy believed came out well. Can't Get Enough, Can't Get Enough, Can't Get Enough, These remixes were never commercially released, the CD being a scarce collector item.

Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics

James Brennan (Queensland politician)

James Brennan was a member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly. Brennan was born at Paisley, the son of James Brennan Snr and his wife Jane, he was educated in Paisley and he arrived in Australia sometime before 1864 and took up mining at Gympie. He was an employee at the Queensland Meat Export and Agriculture Co. in Brisbane and Townsville, from 1902 was the manager at the Lake's Creek Meatworks in Rockhampton. He was married to Margaret Mills Dale and died at Wooloowin in Brisbane in June 1917, his funeral proceeded from his Miles Street, Wooloowin residence to the Lutwyche Cemetery. Brennan, a Kidstonite, won the seat of Rockhampton North at the by-election held in 1907 to replace the sitting member, Henry Turner, appointed to the Queensland Legislative Council. Brennan held it until 1912, he stood for the new seat of Keppel that year but was defeated

Matt Goss

Matthew Weston Goss is an English singer-songwriter and musician based in Las Vegas. He is the lead singer of 1980s pop group Bros, which features his twin brother Luke as drummer. Matt Goss began his solo career in 1995, has enjoyed chart success with singles such as "If You Were Here Tonight" and "I'm Coming With Ya", he recorded the duet "This Pain" with his friend, Denise Pearson of Five Star in 1997, released on the Co*Bra album "One". Goss worked with Paul Oakenfold on the single "Firefly", remixed and reached #1 on the World Trance chart. In June 2009, it was announced that he would be playing live shows at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. By January 2010, the live show had moved to Caesars Palace, playing at Cleopatra's Barge every Friday and Saturday night. In June 2010, he signed a three-year contract with Caesars Palace, his live show is produced by the creator of Robin Antin. The show played for one night at the Royal Albert Hall, London on 19 October 2010 and returned on 21 October 2011.

He has won several awards for his show. In February 2011, Goss appeared in a Yorkshire Tea television advertisement campaign. Matt Goss signed a record deal with Decca Records for the UK release of his album Life. Goss worked on the album with music producer Ron Fair and enlisted the services of a 40-piece Hollywood orchestra; the album was released on 14 October 2013, with the collection including original material in addition to a big-band version of the Bros single "When Will I Be Famous". Goss's album Life You Imagine was released in the United States on 29 April 2014 by Virgin Records. Goss's single "Gone Too Long" was released internationally on 2 October 2016 to coincide with his return to Wembley Arena, London on 1 October. Matt Goss authored two books: More Than You Know: The Autobiography, published in 2005, Bear Crimbo, a children's story published in 2010. Matt Goss New 2013 Album Is Called "LIFE YOU IMAGINE" Matt Goss New Album Produced By Ron Fair Matt Goss headliner at Caesars Palace Official website Matt Goss profile at MG Music Matt Goss on IMDb

Today I Am a Clown

"Today I Am a Clown" is the sixth episode of The Simpsons' fifteenth season. It aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 7, 2003; the episode focuses on Krusty's religion, Judaism. Dan Castellaneta won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for his roles in this episode. One morning, the family is visited by Dr. Hibbert, who says that Santa's Little Helper has impregnated his purebred poodle, Rosa Barks, he gives the puppies to the Simpson family, making them their problem. Bart and Lisa give out the puppies to people, including Krusty the Clown, who takes his new puppy for a walk to his old neighborhood in the Jewish community of Springfield, where he sees the Jewish Walk of Fame, he finds out that he does not have a star on the sidewalk, goes to register for one. However, when the person Krusty goes to asks for the date of his Bar Mitzvah, Krusty confesses that he never had a Bar Mitzvah; the person tells him that since he never had a Bar Mitzvah, he is not Jewish.

Krusty runs into Bart and Lisa outside, he tells them of his problem. Bart and Lisa wonder how Krusty could not have had a Bar Mitzvah considering that his own father is a rabbi, they go to Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky to ask why Krusty never had a Bar Mitzvah, Hyman reveals that it was because he was afraid that Krusty would make a mockery of the whole ceremony. Lisa points out that Krusty can still have his Bar Mitzvah as an adult, as there is nothing in Judaism that forbids it. Hyman agrees teaching him all about Judaism. With this happening, Krusty cannot do shows on Saturdays. Homer's replacement show is a talk show. In response to "The Homer Simpson Show"'s surprising success, Krusty's show is cancelled by Channel 6. Lisa suggests that Homer put his power to good use, but ratings decline and Homer's show is cancelled thanks to Lisa's suggestion. Meanwhile, Krusty pitches his Bar Mitzvah to the Fox network; when the Bar Mitzvah, featuring Mr. T as a guest, airs, it becomes a ratings smash, but the spectacle disappoints his father.

Krusty feels guilty, after the show, he holds a real Bar Mitzvah the traditional way at a Jewish temple. In 2012, New York named "Today I Am a Clown" as one of the nine Simpsons episodes, as good as the show's classic era. Joel H. Cohen was nominated for a Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Writing in Animation at the 57th Writers Guild of America Awards for his script to this episode. Today I Am a Clown on IMDb An article on the episode in The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

Shoeless Joe's

Not to be confused with Shoeless Joe's, a sports bars chain fronted by Victor Ubogu in London. Shoeless Joe's is a sports-themed restaurant chain located in Canada; the chain founded in Toronto in 1985. They specialize in chicken wings, but serve a variety of foods on their menu including Mucho Nachos, sandwiches, salads, baby back ribs, angus steaks, sirloin burgers; the name is a reference to a former Major League Baseball player named Shoeless Joe Jackson. The original location was on Eglinton Avenue in Ontario as a local community sports bar. Investor Fred Lopreiato purchased it within several years, the first franchised location opened in 1991. From 2011 until 2014, the franchise changed its image from that of a local sports bar to a "premium sports grill aesthetic." By 2014, there were over 34 locations in Ontario in locations such as Courtney Park, with most franchised. Shoeless Joe's Sports Grill reopened after renovation and a change in ownership on December 12, 2016, located in the Whitby Entertainment Centrum in Durham.

In July 2016, it was reported that the developer Stonebridge was planning to open a Shoeless Joe's restaurant in Peterborough, Canada. The two former restaurants in the city had closed, with a new building 4,560-square-foot large planned. In July 2016, the first location of the chain was opened outside Ontario, in Stonebridge, Saskatchewan. List of Canadian restaurant chains Shoeless Joe's