Philippe of Dammartin

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Philippe of Dammartin (Philippa de Dammartin) was a 13th-century noble woman. Philippe was the daughter of Simon of Dammartin, Count of Aumâle and his wife Marie of Ponthieu,[1] she was the sister of Joan, Countess of Ponthieu, wife of Ferdinand III of Castile and mother of Eleanor of Castile, the wife of Edward I of England.

Philippe married three times.
1. Her first marriage was to Raoul II of Lusignan in ca 1239/40. Philippe was his third wife,[2] they had no children, but she was the stepmother of Marie de Lusignan.
2. Her second marriage was to Raoul II, Lord of Coucy in ca. 1246.[2] They had one child:

  • Enguerrand de Coucy, died young (before 1250).

3. Her third marriage was to Otto II, Count of Guelders between 1252 and 1254,[3] they had four children:


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