Philippine Senate elections, 1916

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Philippine Senate election, 1916

October 3, 1916 1919 →

22 (of the 24) seats in the Philippine Senate

  Majority party Minority party
Leader Manuel L. Quezon Vicente Singson Encarnacion
Party Nacionalista Progresista
Leader's seat 5th District 1st District
Seats won 20 1

Election results; each district elected two Senators

Elected Senate President

Manuel L. Quezon

The first-ever elections to Philippine Senate were held on October 3, 1916, immediately after the passage of the Philippine Autonomy Act, known as the Jones Law. The Act created the Senate of the Philippines. The Senate replaced the Philippine Commission as the upper house of the Philippine Legislature, thus creating for the first time a fully elected national legislative branch in the Philippines, under the American colonial Insular Government. Each district elected two senators (plurality-at-large): The first-placer was to serve a six-year term while the second-placer was to serve a three-year term. On each election thereafter, one seat per district was up (first past the post). The senators from the 12th district were appointed by the American governor-general for no fixed term.


Senators elected[edit]

District Senator Party
1st District   Vicente Singson Encarnacion Progresista
  Juan Villamor Nacionalista
2nd District   Aquilino Calvo1 Nacionalista
  Pedro Maria Sison Nacionalista
3rd District   Isauro Gabaldon Nacionalista
  Francisco Tongio Liongson Nacionalista
4th District   Pedro Guevara Nacionalista
  Rafael Palma Nacionalista
5th District   Vicente Ilustre Independent
  Manuel L. Quezon Nacionalista
6th District   Mario Guarina Nacionalista
  Leoncio Imperial Nacionalista
7th District   Jose Altavas Nacionalista
  Francisco F. Villanueva Nacionalista
8th District   Espiridion Guanco Nacionalista
  Manuel Lopez Nacionalista
9th District   Esteban Singzon Nacionalista
  Jose Ma. Veloso Nacionalista
10th District   Mario Guarina Nacionalista
  Leoncio Imperial Nacionalista
11th District   Nicolas Capistrano Nacionalista
  Jose A. Clarin Nacionalista
12th District   Hadji Butu Nacionalista
  Joaquin D. Luna Nacionalista
^1 Resigned on February 1, 1917. Replaced by Matias Gonzales who was elected in a special election held on May 5, 1917.


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