Philipse Manor

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Philipse Manor may refer to:

  • Philipsburg Manor, the Philipse family manor in Westchester and Bronx Counties, New York, originally known as Philipsborough Manor, and also known as Philipse Manor
  • Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site, the former family seat of Philipse Manor, now a house museum in Yonkers, New York
  • Philipsburg Manor House, a reconstructed grist mill and trading site in Sleepy Hollow, New York, serving as an interpretive museum for Philipse Manor

It may also refer to:

Also related are:

  • The Philipse Patent, a Royal land grant of the Philipse family, seized during the American Revolution and comprising today's Putnam County, New York
  • The Philipsburgh Building, a Beaux-Arts architectural landmark building in Getty Square in Yonkers, New York