Phoenix Senators

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Phoenix Senators
(1915, 1928–1932, 1947–1957)
Phoenix, Arizona
  • Class C (1947–1957)
  • Class D (1915, 1928–1932)
Minor league affiliations
League Arizona–Mexico League (1955–1957)
Previous leagues
Major league affiliations
Previous Baltimore Orioles (1954–1957)
Minor league titles
League titles 3 (1928, 1954, 1957)
Team data
Previous names
  • Phoenix Stars (1954–1957)
  • Phoenix Senators (1915, 1928–1932, 1947–1953)
Previous parks

The Phoenix Senators were a minor league baseball team based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, that played on-and-off from 1915 to 1957. They played in the Rio Grande Association in 1915, the Arizona State League from 1928 to 1930, the Arizona–Texas League from 1931 to 1950 and from 1952 to 1954, the Southwest International League in 1951 and the Arizona–Mexico League (1955–1957). Their home ballparks included Riverside Park and Phoenix Municipal Stadium.[1]

The team became a Baltimore Orioles affiliate in 1954 and the name was changed to the Phoenix Stars. They were replaced by the AAA Phoenix Giants in 1958.