Phylace (Thessaly)

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Coordinates: 39°14′28″N 22°36′04″E / 39.241202°N 22.601194°E / 39.241202; 22.601194

Map showing ancient Thessaly. Phylace is shown to the lower centre, west of Thebae.

Phylace or Phylake (Ancient Greek: Φυλάκη, Phyláke), was a town of Phthiotis in ancient Thessaly. According to Greek mythology, this city was founded by Phylacus. In Ancient Greece, Phylace was a kingdom. Homer writes that this was one of the places subject to Protesilaus, who was the first Greek hero killed in the Trojan War, and the place is frequently mentioned in the Homeric poems.[1][2][3][4] It contained a temple of Protesilaus.[5] Pliny erroneously calls it a town of Magnesia.[6] Strabo describes it as standing between Pharsalus and Phthiotic Thebes, at the distance of about 100 stadia from the latter.[7]

The site of ancient Phylace is at a site called Persouphli or Dervesi, in the municipal unit of Filaki.[8][9]


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