Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore is a central square in Bologna, region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy. The appearance in the 21st century reflects the layout from the 15th century; the Northwest corner opens into Piazza del Nettuno with its Fontana del Nettuno, while the Northeast corner opens into the narrower Piazza Re Enzo, running along the flanks of the Palazzo Re Enzo that merges with the Palazzo del Podestà. Flanking the Piazza del Nettuno is the Biblioteca Salaborsa; the square is surrounded by major administrative and religious buildings in the history of Bologna, including: Palazzo d'Accursio - former city hall, now museum Palazzo dei Notai - former notaries' guild Basilica of San Petronio - Duomo of Bologna Palazzo dei Banchi - former banking center Palazzo del Podestà, Bologna - former police and justice offices

Peppermint Twist

"Peppermint Twist" is a song written by Joey Dee and Henry Glover and released by Joey Dee and the Starliters in 1961. Capitalizing on the Twist dance craze and the nightclub in which Dee performed, the song hit #1 on the U. S. Billboard Hot 100 in early 1962; the original recording of the song was considered too long for release on a 45 rpm single, so it was split into two parts. It was this first part, "Peppermint Twist", with a length of 2:03. "Peppermint Twist" replaced Chubby Checker's "The Twist," the song that sparked the Twist fad, at the #1 position. A version by Bill Haley & His Comets was recorded for Armed Forces Radio in 1962, but was not released until 2000; the lead singer in the Starliters' version is David Brigati, whose brother, Eddie Brigati, was a singer for the 1960s hit pop group, the Rascals. The other personnel on the record featured Carlton Lattimore on organ, Billy Butler on guitar, Jerome Richardson on sax, Don Martin on drums; the song was covered by the 1970s glam rock band Sweet, whose version topped the Australian singles chart in 1974, was included in their successful album Sweet Fanny Adams.

Catarina Valente reached #8 in Germany with her cover version in 1962. The Meteors covered the song in Italy in 1964; the Joey Dee and the Starliters recording features in the film American Graffiti. Kidsongs covered the song with their 1994 release Kidsongs: Boppin' with the Biggles. DTV Disney set the song to The Cookie Carnival; the song inspired a New Zealand TV show of the same name set in New Zealand in the 1960s, which aired on TVNZ from 1987-88. Twist songs


In chemistry phosphinidenes are the phosphorus analogs of carbenes and nitrenes, having the general structure RP. The name originated from phosphinidene, they can exist in either a singlet state or triplet state, with the triplet state being lower in energy. Using bulky substituents, a phosphinidine has been isolated at room temperature. With the formula R2P-P, the compound reacts with alkenes to give stable adducts. Terminal transition-metal-complexed phosphinidenes LnM=P-R are phosphorus analogs of transition metal carbene complexes where L is a spectator ligand. Two examples of this group are and Cp2W=P-Mes*. More common than complexes of terminal phosphinidine ligands are cluster compounds wherein the phophinidene is a triply and less doubly bridging ligand. One example is the ter-butylphosphinidene complex Fe310. Carbene analog