The picometre or picometer is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to 1×10−12 m, or one trillionth of a metre, the SI base unit of length. The picometre is one thousandth of a nanometre, one millionth of a micrometre, used to be called micromicron, stigma, or bicron; the symbol μμ was once used for it. It is one hundredth of an Ångström, an internationally recognised unit of length; the picometre's length is of an order so small that its application is entirely confined to particle physics, quantum physics and acoustics. Atoms are between 62 and 520 pm in diameter, the typical length of a carbon-carbon single bond is 154 pm. Smaller units still may be used to describe smaller particles, such as hadrons and the upper limits of possible size for fermion point particles; the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna probe is planned for launch in 2034 to directly detect gravitational waves and will measure relative displacements with a resolution of 20 picometres over a distance of 2.5 gigametres, yielding a strain sensitivity of better than 1 part in 1020


Immadihalli is a suburb situated in the Eastern periphery of Bangalore City and part of the Internationally renowned Whitefield township. Immadihalli was a part of the Varthur Legislative Assembly, but now belongs to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike BBMP. Immadihalli belongs to Mahadevapura Legislative Assembly in the state of Karnataka with effect from the year 2008. Immadihalli is close to ITPL, heart of IT in Bangalore. Immadihalli is one of the most popular villages after Varthur. Immadihalli belongs to a green belt area. Immadihalli was one of the largest milk producing villages in Bangalore. At Immadihalli, people celebrate, Brahmarathotsava of Sri venkataramana Swamy, kalyanotsava which happens in between February and march; the whole event will continue approx 28 days It is one of the famous events that happen in this area. The people of Immadihalli and surrounding village people has constructed Sri Draupathamma at Sri Dharmaraya Swamy temple, near to Sri venkataramana Swamy and planning to celebrate karaga mahostava which happens in night being visited by thousands of people from Channasandra, Varthur,Harohalli, Whitefield, Ramagondannahalli, Sorahunase, Nagondanahalli.

A few hundred years back the idol of Sri venkataramana Swamy was found in Sorahunase village in the agriculture land and same idol has been brought to immadihalli village and constructed temple. In 2001 the old temple has been renovated with full granite stones with a new kalyana mantapa and a new gopura the construction of the new temple took nearly 5 years to complete; this village consist of many temples in which Karimariyamma & sapalamma temples are considered as the Gramadevathe, people celebrate Deepothsava in the month of June for this gramadhevathe.1182114. Now it is government undertaking temple

A Country Doctor (film)

Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor is a 2007 anime short film by Kōji Yamamura. The film is a direct interpretation of Franz Kafka's short story "A Country Doctor", voiced by kyōgen actors of the Shigeyama house; the film has won several awards, including the 2008 Ōfuji Noburō Award from the Mainichi Film Concours and the 2007 Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. It was included in the Animation Show of Shows in 2008; the story involves a country doctor who describes his gulping urgency call to look after a young patient. More and more, the doctor gets involved in surreal experiences as he is transported his patient by "unearthly horses" in a blink of an eye. While treating the patient, he fails to find the fatal wound which results in humiliation by the villagers and an endless return trip, losing everything, it tells the story of the continuous pressure on doctors, the never-ending impossible expectations laying on their shoulders. Official website Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor at Anime News Network's encyclopedia Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor on IMDb