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Piero Falchetta (born 1951) is an Italian cartographer, writer and translator. He is head of the department of ancient maps at the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice and a specialist of medieval travel writing, history of cartography and history of navigation, he currently lives in his native Venice. One of his most recent contribution to medieval cartography is a critical edition of Fra Mauro's World Map, published in 2006. Recent contributions to the history of navigation are the essays on Michael of Rhodes' nautical writings,[1] and the edition of Benedetto Cotrugli's treatise De navigatione (1464–65). He is also the author of literary essays and translations,[2] his most notable translation is La scomparsa (1995) Italian translation on Georges Perec's lipogrammatic novel La disparition (1969) (English translation A Void, 1994), which was awarded the 1996 Leone Traverso debut prize in the Monselice Literary Prize.[3][2]


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