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Pierre Gobert, Louise Élisabeth de Bourbon, princesse de Conti (1693-1775)

Pierre Gobert (1662 – 13 February 1744) was a French painter.

He was born in Fontainebleau, the son of the sculptor Jean II Gobert. Gobert entered the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture on 31 December 1701 as a portraitist. During the reign of Louis XIV he became the preferred painter of the great ladies of the court as evidenced by the large collection of portraits that he executed during that time. Gobert's style included incorporating the traits of mythology into his portraits.

List of works[edit]

Monsieur Gobert was also commissioned to do portraits of the Régent of France along with his second daughter Marie Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans (See here). Anne Louise Bénédicte de Bourbon was also a subject of his along with Louis XV. Louis XV's wife Marie Leszczyńska, their eldest twin daughters, Princess Marie Louise Élisabeth and Princess Henriette Anne were also painted by Pierre in their infancy. Princess Marie Louise was also painted. He died at Paris.


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