Pierre Philibert de Blancheton

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Pierre Philibert de Blancheton (9 October 1697- 6 March 1756) was a French politician and music patron and collector. From 1724 until his death 30 years later he was a member of the Parliament of Metz.[1]

Well known for his passion as a music collector, Blancheton is particularly remembered for his patronage of the Fonds Blancheton (c.1741); one of the biggest and most important collections of early 18th century instrumental music in existence.[1][2] The collection contains a total of 300 works by 104 composers; most of whom were Italian composers of the early 18th century.[2] Of particular importance in the collection are 25 symphonies by Antonio Brioschi and several early symphonies by Giovanni Battista Sammartini.[1] Also included in the collection are overtures, sonatas, trios, and a large number of violin concertos by composers like Domenico Alberti, Giuseppe Ferdinando Brivio, Angelo Maria Scaccia, Giovanni Battista Somis, and Carlo Zuccari among others.[2][3]


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