Pierre Vernier (actor)

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Pierre Vernier
Pierre Vernier 2013.jpg
Pierre Vernier in April 2013
Born Pierre Louis Rayer
25 May 1931 (1931-05-25) (age 87)
Saint-Jean-d'Angély, France
Nationality  France
Occupation actor

Pierre Vernier (born 25 May 1931 as Pierre Louis Rayer)[1][2] is a French actor.[3]


Pierre Vernier has repeatedly worked with Claude Chabrol, Henri Verneuil and Claude Lelouch, Georges Lautner and Jacques Deray.

In 2009 he portrayed Charles de Gaulle in a TV film.[4][5]

Selected filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Director
1950 Juliette, or Key of Dreams a young man selling keepsakes Marcel Carné
1960 Wise Guys Bernard 2 Claude Chabrol
1962 Bluebeard a magistrate Claude Chabrol
1964 Weekend at Dunkirk the undertaker Henri Verneuil
1965 Un mari à un prix fixe the beekeeper Claude de Givray
Un milliard dans un billard Roger Nicolas Gessner
1971 Rendezvous at Bray Monsieur Hausmann André Delvaux
1973 Stavisky Pierre Grammont Alain Resnais
1975 Monsieur Klein Policeman Joseph Losey
1978 Le sucre Latoussaint Jacques Rouffio
1979 I as in Icarus Charly Feruda Henri Verneuil
Le Guignolo Helmut von Nassau Georges Lautner
1980 La Provinciale the editor Claude Goretta
1981 Le Professionnel Salvatore Volfoni Georges Lautner
Tendres Cousines Julien's Father David Hamilton
1983 Le Marginal Inspector Rojinski Jacques Deray
1984 The Frog Prince Monsieur Bourneuf Brian Gilbert
1986 Le Solitaire Monsieur Maurin Jacques Deray
1988 Itinéraire d'un enfant gâté the chaplain Claude Lelouch
Door on the Left as You Leave the Elevator André Arnaud Édouard Molinaro
1992 La Belle Histoire the schoolmaster Claude Lelouch
1995 Les Misérables the prison director Claude Lelouch
1999 Joséphine, ange gardien Jean-Louis Pirou Henri Helman
2000 Sous le sable Gérard François Ozon
2005 Comedy of Power Presiding Judge Martino Claude Chabrol
Le Grand Meaulnes the schoolmaster Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe
2012 The Chef Paul Matter Daniel Cohen
2013 100% cachemire Valérie Lemercier
2017 Marie-Francine Valérie Lemercier


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