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Pinconning Cheese is an aged semi-hard whole cow's milk, Colby style cheese named after Pinconning, Michigan, where it was first developed and produced by Dan Horn in 1915. Since then and currently, Pinconning Cheese is made and distributed based on the original family traditional recipe by the originator's related companies, Pinconning Cheese Company and Wilson's (Horn) Cheese Shoppe in Pinconning, Michigan,[1] it is available in mild and then aged many years to sharpness levels of medium mild, medium sharp, sharp, extra sharp, and super sharp (7 plus years old). Its hardness and texture change and sharpness increase with aging. Pinconning's flavor and texture are rich, creamy and open, it is unusual and a different experience than eating traditional Colby Cheese. It is often used as a replacement for Cheddar and Colby cheeses in dishes such as macaroni and soufflés." Pinconning was chosen as the ‘Cheese Capital of Michigan’ after the Pinconning brand of cheese where it was originated and still sold today.


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