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Pine Bluff metropolitan area

The Pine Bluff Metropolitan Statistical Area, as defined by the United States Census Bureau, is a three-county region in southeast Arkansas, anchored by the city of Pine Bluff. As of the 2010 census, the MSA had a population of 100,258, it is a component of the larger Little Rock-North Little Rock, AR Combined Statistical Area which had 902,443 people in the census estimates of 2014. Cleveland Jefferson Lincoln Altheimer Grady Gould Humphrey Kingsland New Edinburg Pine Bluff Redfield Rison Sherrill Star City Wabbaseka White Hall Arkansas metropolitan areas

Alexandroni Brigade

The Alexandroni Brigade is an Israel Defense Forces brigade that fought in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Along with the 7th Armoured Brigade both units had 139 killed during the first battle of Latrun, Operation Ben Nun Alef; the commanding officer was Dan Even. The unit is a reserve unit. 31st Battalion 32nd Battalion 33rd Battalion 34th Battalion 37th Battalion In 1998, Teddy Katz wrote a master's thesis at Haifa University arguing that the Alexandroni Brigade committed a massacre in the Palestinian village of Tantura during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. The veterans of the brigade sued Katz for libel. During the court hearing Katz conceded by issuing a statement withdrawing his own work, he tried to withdraw his statement, but the court disallowed it and ruled against him. A committee at Haifa University found problems with the thesis and ruled that it: "failed at the stage of presenting the raw material for the reader's judgment, both in terms of its organization according to strict criteria of classification and criticism, in terms of the apparent instances of disregard for the interviewees' testimony".

Some quotations in the thesis did not accord with interview recordings. The university asked him to resubmit his thesis; the new thesis was rejected. In 2004, Israeli historian Benny Morris reviewed the Tantura controversy, he suggests that, while controversy remains as to whether a "massacre" occurred, there is no doubt that war crimes were committed by the Jewish forces and that the village was forcibly cleansed of its Arab inhabitants. Morris underlines the fact that in interviews conducted by himself and by the whistle-blower Amil Gilat, all refugees confirmed that a massacre had taken place, while all IDF veterans denied it. Regarding the latter, Morris describes what he calls "troubling hints", such as a diary by an Alexandroni soldier, Tulik Makovsky, in which he wrote our boys know the craft of murder quite well boys whose relatives the Arabs had murdered... or those harmed by Hitler. They took their private revenge, avenged our comrades who had died at their hands, against the snipers.

Morris defended the value of oral tradition. He additionally pointed out issues with the scoring of the second version of Katz's thesis in that the two referees who gave anomalously low scores had been co-authors of an IDF book in which it was argued that the Israeli Army had carried out only a "partial expulsion" of the populations of the Arab towns of Lydda and Ramlah, while the charge that the troops had massacred Lydda townspeople was dismissed. Official website

1985 Big Sky Conference Men's Basketball Tournament

The 1985 Big Sky Conference Men's Basketball Tournament was held March 7–9 at the BSU Pavilion at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho. Regular season champion Nevada defeated seventh-seeded Idaho State in the championship game 79–63 for their second consecutive Big Sky tournament title. Nevada was nearly upset in the first round by last-place Idaho, but held to win by three points and advanced. For the second year, all eight Big Sky members participated in the conference tournament. Teams were seeded based on regular season conference records, all were entered into the quarterfinal round. For the first time, the host team was not the top seed, as Boise State finished tied for sixth in the regular season and was seeded seventh. Two upsets occurred in the first round, as the third seeds were eliminated. Source: The Wolf Pack received an automatic bid to the 64-team NCAA tournament, where they lost to NC State in the first round at The Pit in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Regular season runner-up Montana played in the 32-team NIT, but lost 78–47 at UCLA in the first round.

David T. Zabecki

David T. Zabecki is an American military historian and editor. Zabecki served in the U. S. Army both in the Vietnam War and in United States Army Europe in Germany attaining the rank of major general. Zabecki holds PhDs in military science, he is the author and translator of several books on the military history of Germany, including World War I and World War II. Zabecki entered the U. S. Army in 1966. After obtaining a MS degree in engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology in 1976, Zabecki worked at John Deere both in the United States and West Germany. In 1985 Zabecki joined the United States Army Reserve, and, in 1987, earned a PhD in engineering from the California Coast University. In 1995 Zabecki graduated from the United States Army War College in Pennsylvania. Between 1997 and 2000 he served in senior staff roles with the United States Army Europe in Germany. From 2000 to 2002 he was deputy chief of the United States Army Reserve in Washington, DC, returning to USAREUR in Germany in 2002/03 as commanding general.

In 2004 he obtained a PhD in military science from the Royal Military College of Science. In 2008 Zabecki became senior historian of the Weider History Group, a U. S.-based magazine publishing company focused on military history topics. Since 2009, he has been an honorary senior research fellow in the War Studies Programme the University of Birmingham. In 2012 Zabecki was appointed Leo A. Shifrin Chair in Naval and Military History at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, he is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America. Zabecki is editor of the Vietnam Magazine dedicated to the history of the Vietnam War, a senior historian at the Military History Magazine. Both are published by Weider History Group, he is the author of over 600 articles, some of which appeared at Weider's online property, Zabecki is an author and translator of several books on military history; the 2014 English edition of The Schieffen Plan: International Perspectives on the German Strategy for World War I, edited by Hans Ehlert, Michael Epkenhans, Gerhard P. Gross and translated by Zabecki, received the Arthur Goodzeit Book Award from the New York Military Affairs Symposium.

Along with Bruce Condell, he translated and edited Truppenführung, the 1933−1934 German Army field manual, published in English by Lynne Rienner Publishers in 2001 as On the German Art of War: Truppenführung: German Army Manual for Unit Command in World War II. Zabecki served as editor in chief of the four-volume encyclopedia Germany at War: 400 Years of Military History published in 2014 and 2014 by ABC-CLIO. Reviewing the work for the publication of the Reference and User Services Association, Michael Hawkins of the Kent State University notes that the scope of the project that covers "Federal Republic of Germany today, its predecessor states, the component kingdoms and principalities that combine to form Imperial Germany" is unique; the reviewer writes: "This set does not offer anything new to the field of Germany military history. While there are other works that compile sections of German military history into one edited work, this one covers a unique timeline others do not." On the German Art of War: Truppenführung: German Army Manual for Unit Command in World War II, Lynne Rienner Publishers, ISBN 978-1555879969.

Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers, Inc. is one of the largest nonprofit literary organizations in the United States serving poets, fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers. The organization publishes a bi-monthly magazine called Poets & Writers Magazine, is headquartered in New York City. In 1970, the director of New York’s famed 92nd Street YM-YWHA Poetry Center, Galen Williams, leveraged seed money from the New York State Council on the Arts to launch a new organization for writers that would provide them with fees for giving readings and teaching workshops; the organization began in an apartment on the fringe of the Theater District. Since that time, Poets & Writers has grown into one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country for writers of poetry and creative nonfiction. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Poets & Writers cultivated new sources of revenue, enabling the organization to expand its programs and publications. Award-winning editorial and design changes elevated Poets & Writers Magazine to new subscription and advertising levels.

The organization’s Readings/Workshops program was offered in new regions across the country, connecting writers and audiences in California and Detroit, in addition to New York State, where the program began. And the Writers Exchange program, which would introduce writers to the New York literary community, was initiated. In 2006, Poets & Writers completed its first capital campaign, raising $3 million and establishing an endowment to bring the Readings/Workshops program to six new cities: Atlanta, New Orleans, Seattle and Washington, D. C. Poets & Writers Magazine is a distributed bi-monthly magazine; the publication features literary-based news articles, critical reviews and interviews with prominent authors. Poets & Writers Magazine serves as a resource for thousands of writers, with up-to-date information on literary grants and awards, literary magazines, jobs, author directories and literary events. It's been called the "must-have journal for scribes."Beginning with the May/June 2010 issue, the magazine has been available in digital format.

The Jackson Poetry Prize, established in 2006, honors an American poet of exceptional talent who has published at least one book of recognized literary merit but has not yet received major national acclaim. The $50,000 prize is designed to provide what all poets need -- the encouragement to write. There is no application process for the Jackson Poetry Prize—nominees are identified by a group of poets selected by Poets & Writers who remain anonymous. Honorees include the following: 2018 – John Yau 2017 — Patricia Spears Jones 2016 — Will Alexander 2015 — X. J. Kennedy 2014 — Claudia Rankine. 2013 — Arthur Sze 2012 — Henri Cole 2011 — James Richardson 2010 — Harryette Mullen 2009 — Linda Gregg 2008 — Tony Hoagland 2007 — Elizabeth Alexander Initiated in 1984, the Writers Exchange Award provides two emerging writers with an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City where P&W arranges meetings with agents and prominent authors. The winners' visit culminates in a public reading in Manhattan; each year, two writers from one state are invited to submit manuscripts to Writers.

To date, 76 writers from 30 states have received the Writers Exchange Award. Many of the winners have gone on to get their books published, receive other awards, secure teaching positions. In 2007, a special grant enabled P&W to offer the Writers Exchange to two writers from California. Two writers from Missouri received the Writers Exchange Award this year. In 2008, Writers who live in Tennessee are invited to apply for the 2009 Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award. Bryn Chancellor was the WEX award winner of 2014. In 2016, the Maureen Egen WEX Award invited Maine poets to apply for the 2017 Award; the 2017 winners were Brian Evans-Jones. The Amy Award is presented to women poets age 30 and under living in the New York City metropolitan area or on Long Island. Winners receive a reading in New York City; the award was established by Paula Trachtman and Edward Butscher of East Hampton, New York in memory of Ms. Trachtman's daughter, Amy Rothholz, an actor and poet. Established in 1996, the Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award, presented at P&W's annual dinner, recognizes authors who have given generously to other writers or to the broader literary community.

Honorees are nominated by a committee composed of past winners, other prominent writers, the Board of Directors of Poets & Writers. Title of the award has been given to Barnes & Noble in appreciation of their extraordinary support of Poets & Writers. Official website

Richard Frinier

Richard Frinier is an American furniture and industrial designer who resides and works in the United States. Richard Frinier, MA, IDSA, ASID, ICFA, ISFD A graduate of California State University Long Beach holding a Master of Arts degree, Richard Frinier has been a product designer in the home industries since 1977, with emphasis on indoor/outdoor furniture for the resort-at-home and ultra-luxe resort living experience. For over 40 years, Richard Frinier has created thousands of designs across hundreds of collections achieving over $1 billion dollars in sales worldwide for partnering manufacturers of residential, contract and spa furnishings garnering over 95 design excellence and career achievement awards, including the International Casual Furnishings Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Richard Frinier is a prolific interior and exterior furniture and textile designer who creates exclusive and cobranded designs and collaborations with leading global brands, including but not limited to: Glen Raven/Sunbrella, Brown Jordan, Dedon Worldwide, Century Furniture.

Awarded and published for a vast body of work and range of designs sold in over 80 countries, many of the designer's creations have remained in continuous production for over 10, 20 and 30 years. Known for bringing the quality of indoor living outdoors and the relaxed spirit of the outdoors inside, he is regarded as a master of proportion and reductive detailing with an acute ability to see what is missing and what can be. Richard Frinier and his wife and creative partner, Catherine Frinier, invest in the future of design by supporting design students through trade and design scholarship programs. American Home Furnishings Foundation Hall of Fame Inductee International Casual Furnishings Association Lifetime Achievement Award Pacific Design Center Los Angeles California Stars of Design Award Top 40 Most Influential Individuals in the Home Furnishings Industry Over the Past 40 Years listed by trade journal Furniture/Today International Casual Furnishings Association Industry Partner Award Industrial Designers Society of America IDEA Awards 2018 - Architexture for Glen Raven / Sunbrella 2011 - Cloud Nine for Brown Jordan 2001 - Riviera for Brown Jordan 2000 - Meridian for Brown Jordan 1984 - Quantum for Brown Jordan The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture + Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design + Urban Studies GOOD DESIGN Awards 2019 - Still Mobile Console Table for Brown Jordan 2019 - Network for Glen Raven / Sunbrella® 2019 - Architexture for Glen Raven / Sunbrella® 2016 - Caravan for Glen Raven / Sunbrella® 2015 - Connection for Brown Jordan 2012 - Cloud Nine for Brown Jordan International Casual Furnishings Association 2020 - ICFA Industry Partner Award - Richard Frinier Design Studio 2019 - Still Mobile Console Table for Brown Jordan - Lillian B.

Winchester Best of Show Award 2019 - Still Mobile Console Table for Brown Jordan - Best of Material Category Award 2019 - Still Mobile Console Table for Brown Jordan - Lily Award for Best Accessory/Accent Design 2019 - Network for Glen Raven / Sunbrella - Best Textile Product Category Award 2009 - ICFA Lifetime Achievement Award - Designer, Richard Frinier 2005 - Kyoto for Century Furniture 2003 - Andalusia for Century Furniture 2002 - Wave for Brown Jordan 2001 - Riviera for Brown Jordan 2000 - Nxt for Brown Jordan 2000 - Ocean for Brown Jordan 1988 - Meridian for Brown Jordan 1998 - Aero for Brown Jordan 1997 - Havana for Brown Jordan 1995 - Aegean for Brown Jordan 1993 - Radius for Brown Jordan 1988 - Neapolitan for Brown Jordan 1987 - Venetian for Brown Jordan 1986 - Legend for Brown Jordan International Society of Furniture Designers Pinnacle Award of Excellence 2012 - Elements for Brown Jordan 2007 - Kyoto for Century Furniture 2005 - Gulf Stream for Century Furniture 2003 - Andalusia for Century Furniture 1999 - Aero for Brown Jordan American Society of Interior Designers Design Excellence Award 1988 - Venetian for Brown Jordan 1987 - Legend for Brown Jordan 1983 - Quantum for Brown Jordan International Interior Designers Association and Hospitality Design Expo 2012 - Elements for Brown Jordan 2011 - Cloud Nine for Brown Jordan 2011 - Still for Brown Jordan 2008 - Spa for Dedon 2004 - Orbit for Dedon 2003 - Daydream for Dedon 2002 - Wave for Brown Jordan Honorable Mention red-dot Design Award for Design Excellence 2008 - Spa for Dedon Roscoe Resources Council Design Excellence Commendation Awards 1990 - Mission for Brown Jordan 1988 - Neapolitan for Brown Jordan 1988 - Esprit for Brown Jordan 1987 - Florentine for Brown Jordan 1987 - Corinthian for Brown Jordan 1986 - Legend for Brown Jordan 1983 - Quantum for Brown Jordan Interior Design Magazine Best-of-Year Awards 2018 - Architexture for Glen Raven / Sunbrella 2015 - Orbit for Dedon, Best in Ten Best Outdoor Furniture Design of the Decade 2008 - Spa for Dedon, Best-of-Year Finalist ID Magazine 1987 - Legend for Brown Jordan Architectural Record Awards 2016 - Product Review Honoree, Caravan textiles for Glen Raven / Sunbrella Journal Design - The Journal of Design Architects 2019 - Network textiles for Glen Raven / Sunbrella 2019 - Architexture textiles for Glen Raven / Sunbrella 2018 - Studio textiles for Glen Raven / Sunbrella 2017 - Barcelona Modular for Dedon 2017 - Seaside textiles for Glen Raven / Sunbrella 2015 - Barcelona for Dedon 2015 - Caravan for Glen Raven / Sunbrella 2015 - Palm Beach for Century Furniture 2013 - Origins for Glen Raven / Sunbrella 2006 - Savanna for Glen Raven / Sunbrella