Pine Grove, Norfolk County, Ontario

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Pine Grove is a hamlet in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada, near Delhi. The surrounding terrain of the village is mostly wooded. Pine Grove is very centralized to towns and communities that have necessary services for Pine Grove residents.


This hamlet is located in Norfolk County Ward 4 for municipal elections.

Most students here attend either Walsh Public School (secular) or St. Michael's in Walsh (Roman Catholic) for their elementary and junior high school education. These students would eventually attend Delhi District Secondary School (secular), Simcoe Composite School (secular), Holy Trinity Catholic High School (Roman Catholic) or Valley Heights Secondary School (secular) for their high school education.

Pine Grove contains a gas station, a car repair shop, and a ginseng farm. In addition to residential roads, Regional Road 1 (also known as McDowell Road) and Pine Grove Road (formerly known as Delhi Road) are the main automobile routes; the majority of Pine Grove residents read The Simcoe Reformer as their preferred newspaper, although the Brantford Expositor was delivered here until the mid-1990s.

To the south of the community is a managed forest area; with plenty of wild grass, poison ivy and the threat of falling trees during times of high wind speeds. American robins can be commonly found along the residential streets in addition to New World orioles and various species of butterflies. Downy Woodpeckers and American Crows are also found in the managed forest area; first seen in that area in April 2019.[1]

In addition to a planned set of private driveways and local roads, County Road 1 (also known as McDowell Road) and Pinegrove Road (formerly known as Delhi Road) are the main automobile routes; the northern end of the community is an elite residential neighborhood with houses averaging around $600,000 while the southern end of the community is a typical working class residential community with houses costing around $200,000.[2] Neil Adcock's development company was responsible for developing the northern end from approximately 2006 to the present day; hydro was fully established sometime in 2012. Unemployment rates for the northern end of the community are significantly lower than the southern end of the community due to the higher housing costs despite its smaller population density.

A historic Baptist cemetery is located here. While it is no longer an active cemetery, the Pinegrove Baptist Cemetery hosts more than 60 locals who died in the early history of this community.[3]


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Coordinates: 42°46′48″N 80°27′25″W / 42.78000°N 80.45694°W / 42.78000; -80.45694 (Pine Grove)