Plana (mountain)

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Coordinates: 42°31′N 23°26′E / 42.517°N 23.433°E / 42.517; 23.433

Plana from Golyam Kupen Peak, Vitosha Mountain; Rila Mountain on the horizon.

Plana (Bulgarian: Плана) is a mountain in western Bulgaria, bounded by Sofia Valley to the north, Iskar River to the east, Samokov Valley to the south and southwest, and Vitosha Mountain to the northwest. The summit Manastirishte rises to 1338m.

Plana hosts Peyuva Buka Chalet, the mountain refuges of Ray (‘Paradise’) and Savo, and the Kokalyane Monastery founded by Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria; the homonymous village of Plana is the sole settlement situated in the interior of the mountain.

Plana Peak in Tangra Mountains on Livingston Island, Antarctica is named after Plana Mountain.