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Highest point
Elevation 2,394 m (7,854 ft)
Prominence 530 m (1,740 ft) [1]
Coordinates 46°21′23.51″N 14°36′36.02″E / 46.3565306°N 14.6100056°E / 46.3565306; 14.6100056Coordinates: 46°21′23.51″N 14°36′36.02″E / 46.3565306°N 14.6100056°E / 46.3565306; 14.6100056
Planjava is located in Slovenia
Location in Slovenia
Location Slovenia
Parent range Kamnik–Savinja Alps

Planjava (2,394 m) is the highest mountain of the eastern Kamnik Alps in northern Slovenia. On the western side there is a steep wall over the Kamniško sedlo pass, on the eastern side runs a long ridge and on the northern side there is an almost 1,000 meters high wall above Logarska dolina.

History of climbing[edit]

The first recorded climb was by Franz Hohenwart in 1793 with local a from Kamniška Bistrica although it is speculated that there were local hunters who climbed the mountain before them. Planjava is now one of the most visited peaks in Slovenia.


Climbing routes[edit]

South eastern wall[edit]

  • Memorial route Štefana Kukovca (VI/V, 350m)
  • Route Humar - Škarja (V-/IV, 270m)
  • Route Sobotna smer (V+/IV+, 210m)

Western wall[edit]

  • Route Steber Planjave - smer X (IV, 400m)
  • Route Svetelova (IV/III, 170m)
  • Route Smer skozi rov in okno (IV/III-II, 300m)
  • Route Kratkohlača (V-/IV, 310m)

Northern wall[edit]

  • Route Gradišnik - Ogrin (V-/IV, 700m)
  • Route Dular - Juvan v Glavi (VII, 200m)


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