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Cerro Porvenir
Highest point
Elevation 2,267 metres (7,438 ft)
Coordinates 10°18′00″N 84°21′58″W / 10.3°N 84.366°W / 10.3; -84.366[1]
Age of rock Holocene
Mountain type Volcano
Last eruption Unknown

Platanar is a volcanic centre in the Cordillera Central (Costa Rica). This complex covers 900 square kilometres (220,000 acres) and is dominated by Porvenir Volcano at 2,267 m (7,438 ft), whose summit crater lies 3 km south of Platanar. Cerro Platanar (also known as Volcán Congo) with a peak elevation of 2,183 m (7,162 ft) has a destroyed crater to the northwest.[2] Prehistoric lava flows on its western flank;[1] one of them, the so-called Florida flow, was perhaps created by Platanar's most recent activity. Cerro Porvenir has a truncated caldera at the summit with a cone inside.[2] Both of these are part of a composed stratovolcano of Upper Pleistocene age that on Platanar's side overlies the remains of Palmera's collapsed caldera, of probable late Pleistocene age.[3] Platanar has erupted lavas ranging from basalts to andesites in composition.[2]

The western flanks of both volcanoes are used for dairy farming;[4] in 1968 2,500 hectares (6,200 acres) on Cerro Platanar were converted into a National Forest.[5]

Recent activity[edit]

On 30 March 1997 there were six earthquakes on the south flank, the strongest being of magnitude 2.7. A previous seismic swarm in April 1980 had lasted for 2–3 weeks.[6]


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