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PlayStation Official Magazine - Australia
Playstation Official Magazine Australia June 2018 cover.jpg
PlayStation Official Magazine - Australia cover from June 2018 issue
CategoriesVideo games
Frequency13 times a year
First issueMarch 2007
CompanyFuture Australia
WebsiteTechmags Site

PlayStation Official Magazine – Australia is a video games magazine published by Future Australia. The magazine was previously called "Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (Australia)" but changed its name to coincide with the release of the PlayStation 3; the magazine's title is often abbreviated to OPM.


  • Editor: Adam Mathew
  • Staff Writer: Adam Guetti
  • Art Director: Stephanie Goh
  • Contributors: James Cottee, Dan Staines, Paul Taylor, James Ellis, Dave Kozicki, Toby McCasker, Nathan Lawrence, Martin Gladstone and Clint McCreadie
  • Graphic Design: Ryan Stuart
  • Creative Director: Paul Cook
  • 'Resident Evil': "Angry Sackboy"


The regular sections of OPS are:

  • Intro - Editor and staff explain what has been happening in that month
  • Insider - Recent PlayStation news, as well as smaller sub-sections that include a mock movie based on a game, a Top 10 with a subject that changes each month, a calendar of events, various competitions and more
  • Inbox - Each month a "Letter of the Month" wins the game of the month.
  • Subscriptions
  • Incoming - Previews of games, both hands-on and first looks, that are as of the date of printing unreleased or unreviewed. This covers all PlayStation branded games, including PS3, PS2 and PSP.
  • Indepth - Longer previews that usually tie in interviews with game developers and publishers
  • Inreview - Reviews of all current PlayStation games. Titles are given a score out of 10; those that are rated 10/10 receive a 'gold award', 9/10 a silver, 8/10 a bronze.
  • Internet - The online portion of the magazine recommends various demos and videos on the PlayStation Store, as well as Downloadable content and the online component of PS3 games.
  • Insight - Provides hints and tips for games, as well as a list of activities recommended specifically for recent games. The list may include 'Easter Eggs' (Easter egg (media)), highlights of various stages or gameplay moments.
  • Intermission - Blu-ray, DVD and cinema reviews. Includes new releases and a recently added Anime section.
  • Index - Titled 'All the games that matter', this section lists the "must have" titles for all PS3 owners. It has four categories that broadly encapsulate the genres of games available; the categories are Adventure, Shooter, Racing and Music & Sports.
    • The Best PSN Games - a column with six of the best PlayStation Network games available.
    • The Best PSP Games - a column with six of the best PSP games available.
    • Magic Moments - a column that details a special moment in a game in the PlayStation library.
    • Top Five - this column changes each month, detailing in a humorous manner 'top five' things about games, for example the 'top five shameless videogame rip-offs'.
  • Infamous - a retrospective of a notable PlayStation title.
  • Insane - subtitled "It should be a game", this section lampoons established game franchises and notable figures and characters.

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