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Pleasant Park
Transitway station
Pleasant Park Station (OC Transpo).JPG
Pleasant Park Station looking east.
Coordinates45°23′33.9″N 75°40′9.7″W / 45.392750°N 75.669361°W / 45.392750; -75.669361Coordinates: 45°23′33.9″N 75°40′9.7″W / 45.392750°N 75.669361°W / 45.392750; -75.669361
Owned byOC Transpo
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Route 87
toward Greenboro
Route 97
toward Airport
Route 98
toward Hawthorne
TerminusRoute 99
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Route 97
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Route 98
Route 99

Pleasant Park Transitway Station is a bus stop on Ottawa's transitway served by OC Transpo buses. It is located in the southeastern transitway section at Pleasant Park Road (a collector road through Alta Vista) near Riverside Drive; the station is mostly used by people who take the 49 bus to or from Alta Vista, or by local residents in the nearby residential areas.

It is one of the more lightly used stations due to the lack of any other trip generators or transfer connections.


The upper level of Pleasant Park Station. It is served by route 49.

The following routes serve Pleasant Park Station:
Rapid Routes: 87 97 98 99
Frequent Routes: 40 88
Local Routes: 48 49 92 96 199
Connexion Routes: 290 291 293 294 299
Event Routes: 451


  • Routes 40, 96, 99, and 199 serve this station during peak periods Monday-Friday only.
  • Route 49 serves the upper level of the station.
  • Route 98 serves this station during selected time periods only.


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