Plot of Fear

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Plot of Fear
Plot of Fear.jpg
Directed by Paolo Cavara
Written by Paolo Cavara
Bernardino Zapponi
Enrico Oldoini
Starring Michele Placido
Corinne Cléry
Eli Wallach
Tom Skerritt
Music by Daniele Patucchi
Cinematography Franco Di Giacomo
Release date
Running time
98 minutes
Country Italy
Language English

Plot of Fear (Italian: ...e tanta paura/ Too Much Fear), also known as Bloody Peanuts, is an Italian giallo movie directed in 1976 by Paolo Cavara. The film also includes a well-known animated erotic insert directed by Gibba[1] in which, as said by Marco Giusti, "the great Gibba broke out in all kinds of sado-masochistic excess".[2]


Inspector Lomenzo investigates a series of murders committed against wealthy people. The inspector's sole trace is that the murderer is in the habit of leaving illustrations at the crime scene.


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