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Poliakoff is a surname, a variant of Polyakov. It may refer to:

  • Alexander Poliakoff, Russian-born British electronics engineer, inventor and businessman, father of Martyn and Stephen
  • Joseph Poliakoff, Russian-born British telephone and sound engineer and inventor, father of Alexander
  • Martyn Poliakoff, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, brother of Stephen
  • Nicolai Poliakoff, British clown, born in Latvia
  • Serge Poliakoff, Russian-born French modernist painter
  • Stephen Poliakoff, British playwright, director and scriptwriter, brother of Martyn
  • Marina Catherine de Poliakoff-Baydaroff, birth name of Marina Vlady, French actress, sister of Odile
  • Étiennette de Poliakoff-Baydaroff, birth name of Odile Versois, French actress, sister of Marina