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The Polish music charts are two official albums charts and six singles charts in Poland, provided by ZPAV, the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry (Polish: Związek Producentów Audio-Video).

Albums charts[edit]

In the 1970s and the 1980s, the Polish music monthly Non Stop published a year-end list of the best selling albums in Poland. In the 1990s, two monthly sales lists, Top 50 and Top 100, were published in various music magazines and radio stations.[1] However, the official weekly albums chart, OLiS, was only launched in late 2000, and has since consisted of 50 positions.[2] In addition, ZPAV has been publishing a monthly albums chart. These charts are strictly based on physical albums sales from selected major retailers and do not include digital sales. ZPAV, however, counts both physical and digital sales towards gold, platinum and diamond certifications, as well as the streaming equivalent.

Singles charts[edit]

There has been no official singles chart in Poland based on actual sales data. In the 1970s and the 1980s, the Polish music monthly Non Stop only published selected year-end statistics regarding the singles market.[1] The popularity of individual songs has always been reflected by radio hit lists, compiled by the listeners' votes. Efforts to boost the sales of CD singles in the 1990s were unsuccessful and Polish artists have very rarely released singles in physical formats.

In 2010, ZPAV launched the following lists:

  • AirPlay – Top – the most popular songs on biggest Polish radio stations and music TV channels[3]
  • AirPlay – Nowości (AirPlay – New) – the most popular new songs (new entries on the main chart)
  • AirPlay – Największe Skoki (AirPlay – Biggest Jumps) – fastest climbing songs in charts
  • AirPlay TV – Polish video chart presenting the most popular music videos on music TV channels
  • Top Dyskoteki (Top Dance Clubs) – Polish dance chart presenting the most popular songs in clubs[4]
  • Top Centra Handlowe (Top Shopping Centres) – an irregular list of the most popular songs played in music shops and shopping centres

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