Polites (friend of Odysseus)

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In Greek mythology, Polites (Ancient Greek: Πολίτης) the friend of Odysseus was a minor character in the epics by Homer. Polites was a member of Odysseus's crew.[1] Odysseus refers to him as his dearest friend, though he is only mentioned twice, once as part of Eurylochus's scouting group on Circe's island (he is one of the first to enter Circe's palace) and then when, after a year, he convinces Odysseus to leave Circe, he is killed either by Scylla or the lightning bolt that Zeus throws at Odysseus' ship for his crew eating the cattle of Helios.

(The other Polites was the son of Priam and Hecuba, and was known for his swiftness.[2] He was killed by Neoptolemus during the sack of Troy.[3])


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