Pont Marengo

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The Pont Marengo (Marengo bridge) crosses the Canal du Midi and links Carcassonne to the local railway station.

The lock is very busy and a favourite tourist attraction as the canal boats work their way along the canal; the plaque on the bridge dates the work to 1800 or as it also says year 8, measuring time in the new republic. The bridge is named after the Battle of Marengo at which Napoleon defeated the Austrians in 1800. A little way down from the bridge the railway line crosses the canal and here there is a small plaque and garden commemorating the maquisards who were executed here by the Nazis.

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Coordinates: 43°13′3″N 2°21′7″E / 43.21750°N 2.35194°E / 43.21750; 2.35194