Pont Serme

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Pont Serme
Coordinates 43°16′26″N 3°03′03″E / 43.273889°N 3.050833°E / 43.273889; 3.050833Coordinates: 43°16′26″N 3°03′03″E / 43.273889°N 3.050833°E / 43.273889; 3.050833
Carries Via Domitia
Crosses Etang de Capestang
Locale Near Béziers, Hérault, France
Total length Ca. 1500 m
Pont Serme is located in Occitanie
Pont Serme
Pont Serme
Location in Occitanie
Pont Serme is located in France
Pont Serme
Pont Serme
Pont Serme (France)

The Pont Serme or Pons Selinus, later called the Pons Septimus, was a Roman bridge of the Via Domitia in Hérault, southern France. The approximately 1500 m[1] long viaduct crossed the wide marshes of the Orb and the Etang de Capestang west of Béziers, surpassing in length even the Trajan's Bridge over the Danube. Today, very little traces are left at the site, save the name proper which passed over to a village nearby.


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