Ponte del Gran Caso

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Ponte del Gran Caso
Coordinates 42°49′56″N 13°35′14″E / 42.83231°N 13.58731°E / 42.83231; 13.58731Coordinates: 42°49′56″N 13°35′14″E / 42.83231°N 13.58731°E / 42.83231; 13.58731
Crosses Gran Caso
Locale Near Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Design Arch bridge
Material Travertine
Width 3.3 m
Longest span 6 m
No. of spans 1 (plus 2 floodways)

The Ponte del Gran Caso is a Roman bridge across the Torrente Gran Caso 2 km south of Ascoli Piceno, central Italy.[1]

Today, the structure is surrounded by thick vegetation, and serves only to carry a wood shed.[1] The bridge has a span of 6 m, a width of 3.3 m and is built of travertine.[1] The walls of one ramp feature two flood arches, one of which has a segmental shape and runs from the ground to the quarter point of the main arch rib.[1] A similar segmental relieving arch can be found at another Roman bridge in central Italy, the Ponte di Pioraco.[2]


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Coordinates: 42°49′56″N 13°35′14″E / 42.83222°N 13.58722°E / 42.83222; 13.58722