Ponte di Quintodecimo

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Ponte di Quintodecimo
Coordinates 42°45′47″N 13°23′08″E / 42.762988°N 13.385425°E / 42.762988; 13.385425Coordinates: 42°45′47″N 13°23′08″E / 42.762988°N 13.385425°E / 42.762988; 13.385425
Carries Via Salaria
Crosses Tronto
Locale Quintodecimo, Italy
Design Arch bridge
Material Travertine
Width 3.8 m
Longest span 17.1 m
No. of spans 3

The Ponte di Quintodecimo is a Roman stone bridge over the river Tronto next to the village of Quintodecimo, Marche, central Italy.

The bridge consists of a main arch spanning the river and 2 smaller arches connecting the road to the bridge. The main arch has a span of ca 17 m. The width of the bridge is about 3.8 m. The original construction material was Travertine. During Roman times the bridge was a part of the road Via Salaria, which led from Rome to the Adriatic coast.


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Coordinates: 42°45′47″N 13°23′08″E / 42.76306°N 13.38556°E / 42.76306; 13.38556