PopMatters is an international online magazine of cultural criticism that covers many aspects of popular culture. PopMatters publishes reviews and detailed essays on most cultural products and expressions in areas such as music, films, video games, sports, visual arts and the Internet. PopMatters was founded by Sarah Zupko, who had established the cultural studies academic resource site PopCultures. PopMatters launched in the fall of 1999 as a sister site providing original essays and criticism of various media products. Over time, the site went from a weekly publication schedule to a five-day-a-week magazine format, expanding into regular reviews and columns. In the fall of 2005, monthly readership exceeded one million. From 2006 onward, PopMatters produced several syndicated newspaper columns for McClatchy-Tribune News Service; as of 2009, there are four different pop culture related columns each week. The PopMatters Book Imprint published Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion, edited by Mary Money, with Titan Books in May 2012.

The imprint published four books in a series with Counterpoint/Soft Skull in 2008–2009 including China Underground by Zachary Mexico, Apocalypse Jukebox: The End of the World in American Popular Music by Edward Whitelock and David Janssen, Rebels Wit Attitude: Subversive Rock Humorists by Iain Ellis, The Solitary Vice: Against Reading by Mikita Brottman. PopMatters publishes content from contributors located around the globe, based in six continents and numerous countries, its staff includes writers from various backgrounds, ranging from academics and professional journalists to career professionals and first time writers. Many of its writers are published authorities in various fields of study. Notable former contributors include David Weigel, political reporter for Slate, Steven Hyden, staff writer for Grantland and author of Whatever Happened To Alternative Nation?, Rob Horning, executive editor of The New Inquiry. Karen Zarker is the senior editor. Official website

Lasha Salukvadze

Lasha Salukvadze is a Georgian footballer who plays for Dinamo Tbilisi. In July 2013 Salukvadze signed for Azerbaijan Premier League side Inter Baku on a two-year contract. At international level, he played 7 games in UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying for Georgia. On the 11 March 2010, he appeared to'purposely' stamp on Edin Dzeko's face in a 1–1 home draw in the UEFA Europa League; as of 21 December 2015 Statistics accurate as of 9 June 2015. Lokomotivi TbilisiGeorgian Cup: 1999–2000, 2001–02Dinamo TbilisiUmaglesi Liga: 2004–05Rubin KazanRussian Premier League: 2008, 2009Dila GoriGeorgian Cup: 2011–12 Lasha Salukvadze – FIFA competition record

Igor Ivanov

Igor Sergeyevich Ivanov is a Russian politician, Foreign Minister of Russia from 1998 to 2004. Ivanov was born in 1945 in Moscow to a Georgian mother. In 1969 he graduated at the Maurice Thorez Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages, he spent a decade in Spain. He returned to the Soviet Union in 1983. In 1991 he became the ambassador in Madrid, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs on September 11, 1998. As Russian foreign minister, Ivanov was an opponent of NATO's action in Yugoslavia, he was an opponent of the U. S. invasion of Iraq. Ivanov played a key role in mediating a deal between Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze and opposition parties during Georgia's "Rose Revolution" in 2003. Ivanov was succeeded to the post of foreign minister by Sergey Lavrov in 2004, appointed by President Vladimir Putin to the post of Secretary of the Security Council, followed shortly by the appointment of Sergey Lavrov as foreign minister. On 9 July 2007 he submitted his resignation. On 18 July, President Putin accepted Ivanov's resignation and appointed Valentin Sobolev as acting secretary, Ivanov is professor of Moscow State Institute of International Relations, member of the Supervisory Council of the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe and member of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation.

Igor Ivanov is the President of Russian International Affairs Council. In 2011 Ivanov became a member of the advisory council of The Hague Institute for Global Justice and in 2014 worked for The Moscow Times. Hero of the Russian Federation Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 2nd and 4th classes Order of the Badge of Honour Medal "In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow" Honoured Worker of the Diplomatic Service of the Russian Federation Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation Grand Cross of the Order of San Carlos Order of Friendship Order of Saint Blessed Prince Vladimir, 2nd class Commemorative Medal Gorchakov "Silver Cross" of the Russian Biographical Institute Laureate of the "Man of the Year" Personal data sheet: Igor Ivanov "Igor Ivanov", TIME magazine, 13 September 1999.