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Pope Sergius II

Pope Sergius II was pope from January 844 to his death in 847. Born to a noble family, Sergius was educated in the schola cantorum, was ordained Cardinal-priest of the Church of Sts. Martin and Sylvester by Pope Paschal. Under Gregory IV, he became archpriest. At a preliminary meeting to designate a successor to Gregory, the name of Sergius was nominated by the aristocracy, while the people of Rome declared for the deacon John; the opposition was suppressed, with Sergius intervening to save John's life. John was, shut up in a monastery, Sergius was duly consecrated, without seeking ratification of the Frankish court; the Holy Roman Emperor Lothair I, disapproved of this abandonment of the Constitutio Romana of 824, which included a statute that no pope should be consecrated until his election had the approval of the Frankish emperor. He sent an army under his son Louis, the appointed Viceroy of Italy, to re-establish his authority; the Church and the Emperor reached an accommodation, with Sergius crowning Louis King of Lombardy, although the Pope did not accede to all the demands made upon him.

Sergius contributed to urban redevelopment in Rome, improving churches and the Lateran Basilica. He and his brother, funded their building plans by selling appointments to various church positions to the highest bidder. During his pontificate the outskirts of Rome were ravaged, the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul were sacked by Arabs, who approached Portus and Ostia in August 846. During the raid, he looked on helplessly. Despite having been forewarned of the intentions of the raiders, Sergius is seen as having not acted adequately enough to prepare for that which eventuated. Sergius died while negotiating between two patriarchs and was succeeded by Pope Leo IV. Pope Sergius was portrayed by John Goodman in Pope Joan. List of Catholic saints List of popes This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Herbermann, Charles, ed.. "Pope Sergius II". Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton. Cheetham, Keepers of the Keys, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1983.

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Bando yoga

Bando yoga or Burmese yoga is a form of yoga from Myanmar taught alongside bando. It is based on the internal training of Indian martial arts and is referred to as peasant or slave yoga, it was for the common man and used by ancient warriors of northern Burma to maintain health and protect from illness and disease. Today it is practiced by ethnic Burmese in parts of India. Bando spread in Burma when Japanese invaded the country in 1942, it is part of a collection of martial arts called Thaing. The discipline includes the fighting and defensive behaviors of animals such as the cobra, viper, leopard, bull and scorpion. Bando yoga is used for three main purposes; these are for maintaining overall health, resisting illness and disease, restoring or recovering from illness and injury. It is not a yoga system for enlightenment but for developing and maintaining efficient functionality in our everyday life, whether it be as a worker/laborer, monk or warrior. There are three systems of Burmese yoga: dhanda yoga lonji yoga letha yoga Bando Min Zin Yoga

Ralston McKenzie

Ralston McKenzie is a Jamaican broadcaster and journalist, producer/presenter of the award-winning community service programme Sunday Contact. The show, on for decades, aired weekly on RJR 94 FM and the Internet, linking persons with long-lost family and friends, he has set up a web-based extension of his family search service. Other founding members and directors of Jamaica Contact are the Jamaican nationals Peter Townsend and Nicole McKenzie, German national Sven Littkowski. In a media career spanning some 40 years, Mr. McKenzie has served multiple functions at various levels in both television and radio since accepting the grant of a "Leave of Absence" from his pre-clinical studies in the University of the West Indies Faculty of Medicine at Mona. Mr. McKenzie was born in Kingston, schooled in Spanish Town and in the United Kingdom and Egypt in the early 1950s, a time full of political changes and developments in Middle East, when his family joined their father - a Royal Air Force Flight Sergeant in World War II on his overseas postings.

Returning to Jamaica, Mr. McKenzie graduated from the St. George College in 1959 and resuming studies at the UWI earning a BSc. Honors Degree in International Relations. Further studies and a desire to enter the United Nations, or become a career diplomat, took him to the Fordham University, New York City, where he earned a Master of Science Degree in International Affairs. Returning again to Jamaica, he joined Life of Jamaica in 1987; as a Senior Life Underwriter, he garnered several industry awards including "Top of the Million Dollar Round Table". Mr. McKenzie has given long years of voluntary service to various community and social organizations, such as the St. Georges Old Boys Association, Press Association of Jamaica, Jamaica Save-the-Children Fund, the Mel Nathan Institute for Social Development in Hannah Town, he was an active participant in the National Festival of the Performing Arts, a Gold Medal winner and National Champion in Speech and Drama for four years, served on the Board of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.

Among several awards in the broadcasting field, he was awarded the Prime Ministers Medal in the field of Community Development in December 1983. Mr. McKenzie is married, with three children, is a Lector in the Lay Ministry of St. Richards Church on Red Hills Road. Welcome to Ralston McKenzie's Jamaica Contact

Boyd, Oregon

Boyd was a town in Wasco County, United States, disincorporated in 1955, now vacant except for a few abandoned homes, weathered outbuildings, a derelict wooden grain elevator surrounded by the wheat fields, which still produce the grain that used to fill it. The site was bought and turned into farmland; the site of the former settlement is 9.5 miles southeast of The Dalles, on the east side of U. S. Route 197 from. During the western migration, settlers traversing the Barlow Road would have passed through or near Boyd as early as 1847, but the earliest recorded community was established over a decade when gold was discovered near John Day in 1861, a larger strike the next year in Canyon City, Oregon; the spot near the banks of Fifteenmile Creek that would become the community of Boyd was a stagecoach stop, with an inn, Eleven Mile House. The area became a busy one when as many as 150 miners, 200 pack animals, ten to twelve freight wagons left The Dalles for Canyon City every day. Freight wagon and pack team traffic brought the need for wayfarer accommodations, a blacksmith and livery stables, so a community developed around Eleven Mile House.

It served the growing number of homesteaders farming in the immediate vicinity. In 1863, a schoolhouse was built on Fifteenmile Creek east of Boyd; the school building was used for religious services. The community continued to grow. A flour mill was built purchased by a T. P. Boyd and his four sons, after whom the town was to be named; the U. S. Government granted a post office under that name, located in the general store; the community still increasing in size, a town plat was drawn in 1895, several businesses sprang up, a Methodist church established, sharing a pastor with the congregation in Dufur, Oregon. The Boyd school became District #21; the Great Southern Railroad began passing directly through town in 1905 and carrying passengers, freight and wheat, Boyd thrived until the 1923 construction of The Dalles – California Highway, now U. S. Route 197, bypassed the town; the following years were difficult for the little town. The Great Depression took its toll on local business suffering from low wheat prices and decreasing numbers of travelers whom those businesses served.

The convenience of trips to nearby Dufur and The Dalles made merchant services in Boyd superfluous. The Post office was closed in 1952. Zopf, Nancy Ward. 2001. A Road, a Railroad, a Country Store. Wasco County Historical Museum Press, The Dalles, Oregon. List of ghost towns in Oregon Gibson, Nancy. "From Elevenmile House to a town to orchards: a history of Boyd". The Dalles Chronicle. Pp. A8. McNeal, William H.. History of Wasco County, Oregon; the Dalles, Oregon: Optimist. P. 287. Photo of derelict grain elevator Photo of barn near the town Zopf, Nancy. "Boyd". The Oregon Encyclopedia

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care is an American transmission-repair franchise and company-owned automotive service centers headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania. As of 2014 there are 65 locations in 23 states in the United States and Canada; the company is owned by American Capital and American Driveline Systems, Inc. is the parent company. Cottman was founded by Richard Silva in 1962. In 1957, Anthony A. Martino founded an automatic repair shop in Philadelphia. Soon after opening the shop, he partnered with two friends, Richard Silva and Walter DeLutz to expand operations. Together, they opened numerous transmission centers around Philadelphia. In 1962, the men divided their stores with Silva's center becoming the first Cottman Transmission Center, named after Cottman Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia. In 1964, Silva sold his first franchise to an entrepreneur who opened a center on Roosevelt Boulevard. From there, the chain grew locally; as the 1960s and 1970s progressed, the chain expanded along the East Coast and throughout the Gulf Coast states, reaching 81 shops in 1977.

In 1979, Silva retired and sold the company to three of his employees - Michael Ambrose, Edward Kelly and James Corkran. The company expanded to a few hundred locations throughout the United States and Canada and became the nation's second-largest chain of transmission repair shops. In April 2004, American Capital invested $46 million in the acquisition of Cottman Transmission and purchased the company for $77.3 million including the investment. In 2006, its parent holding company, American Driveline Systems, Inc. acquired AAMCO Transmissions as part of their portfolio and it was combined with the company. Now It operates separated under the same owner and parent holding company. Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care celebrated its 50th year anniversary of business in 2012. Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care specializes in every phase of automotive repair and maintenance including a specialization in servicing both automatic and manual transmissions. Former American footballer Terry Bradshaw was the spokesperson for the company from 2005 to 2008.

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Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander is an American pornographic actress, nude model, 2017 AVN Hall of Fame inductee. Alexander has been an advocate for free speech and sex education, has appeared on Fox News and in a debate at Yale University addressing these topics. In addition to her pornographic work, she has had several cameo appearances in mainstream films and television shows. Alexander began working in the adult industry as a stripper in Sacramento when she was 18 years old to supplement her daytime earnings as a receptionist, she appeared in several adult magazines with her first photo shoot being with Earl Miller. She started performing in adult films in 2001 beginning with a girl-girl scene in Hot Showers Number 2, she became a contract girl for Sin City in that same year. In addition to a catalog of girl-girl hardcore work, she appeared in a handful of softcore erotic films produced by HBO and Cinemax such as Hotel Erotica, The Sex Spa, Sex House, Voyeur: Inside Out. Alexander was a contract girl for Vivid Entertainment from 2004 to 2009.

After years of appearing only in girl-girl scenes, she began appearing in boy-girl scenes in 2005, including an interactive DVD and a feature role with Rocco Siffredi in Vivid's Lexie and Monique Love Rocco. She had her breasts augmented in December 2010, she was a Trophy Girl at the 2002 AVN Awards ceremony in Las Vegas. Alexander appeared in a mainstream film entitled Spider's Web with Stephen Baldwin and Kari Wuhrer in 2002. Alexander made a cameo appearance in the Season 3 finale of the HBO series Entourage. In 2007, she became a sports reporter on National Lampoon Comedy Radio's The Phil Show, she appeared in the 2009 action film Crank: High Voltage. Alexander was invited to the Fox News show Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld to discuss a nonpartisan study that found that abstinence-only programs for teens do not work, whereas safe sex education programming was successful. Alexander discussed what being a Vivid Girl meant to her as well as her preference for hands-on sex education, with the segment airing on November 10, 2007.

On February 15, 2008, she and Ron Jeremy represented the industry in a debate at Yale University against pornography opponents Craig Gross and Donnie Pauling, a former porn producer, the debate was aired on ABC's Nightline. In 2017, Alexander starred in a public service campaign encouraging parents to discuss sexual health education with their children, noting that children are to see pornography at some point in their childhood, need to be informed that what is portrayed in pornography is an unrealistic representation of sexual behavior. Alexander describes herself as "truly bisexual", she is of German, Portuguese and Panamanian descent. Official website Monique Alexander on IMDb Monique Alexander at the Internet Adult Film Database Monique Alexander at the Adult Film Database