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The Porsche 109-005 was a turbojet engine, with the factory designation of "TL-300", intended to power the FZG-76B long-range missile (an improved version of the V-1 flying bomb known as the FZG-76), and proposed for use (along with a pair of the V-1's Argus As 014 pulsejets) by Messerschmitt AG for one proposal for the design of the abortive Messerschmitt Me 328 emergency fighter.[1]

The engine was 11.25 feet (3.43 m) long and 1.9 feet (0.58 m) in diameter, with eight compressor stages and a single turbine stage.[2] It had a designed thrust of 1,100 pounds-force (4.9 kN) and a fuel capacity of 140 US gallons (530 L).

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