Portrait of François Buron

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Jacques-Louis David - Portrait of François Buron - WGA6038.jpg

The Portrait of François Buron is a 1769 painting by Jacques-Louis David. It dates from his period of training and is one of his earliest known works. It shows his uncle, François Buron, and remained with his descendants until the death of his final descendant, A Baudry, in 1903. It was sold at the Regnault sale on 22 June 1905 for 6,000 francs. It then passed to Drouot at the Victor Gay sale on 23 April 1909 for 1,500 francs. It was sold anonymously on 15 December 1937 and later formed part of the collections of Robert Lebel and Madame Gas. It was sold to the Wildenstein galerie and then to its present private owner in New York City in 1985.[1]


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