Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 1992

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Eurovision Song Contest 1992
Country  Portugal
National selection
Selection process Festival da Canção 1992
Selection date(s) Semi-finals
12 January 1992
19 January 1992
26 January 1992
2 February 1992
9 February 1992
7 March 1992
Selected entrant Dina
Selected song "Amor d'água fresca"
Finals performance
Final result 17th, 26 points
Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Portugal entered the Eurovision Song Contest 1992, held in Malmö, Sweden, with Dina with the song "Amor d'água fresca" after she won the Portuguese national final, Festival da Canção 1992. At Eurovision, she received 26 points, placing 17th in a field of 23 competing countries.

Festival da Canção 1992[edit]

The Portuguese broadcaster, Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP), used the popular Festival da Canção to select their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 1992. Festival da Canção 1992 was held on 7 March at the São Luíz Theatre in Lisbon and was hosted by Ana Zanatti and Eládio Clímaco. 5 semi-final were held before the final, each with 3 songs. The winner of each semi-final entered the final, in which they were joined by 5 songs selected internally by RTP bringing the total number of songs to 10. The winner was decided through the votes of 22 regional juries.

The winner was "Amor d'água fresca", sung by Dina and composed by Ondina Veloso (aka Dina) and Rosa Lobato de Faria

Festival da Canção 1992 - 7 March 1992
Draw Singer Song Points Place
1 Rita Guerra "Meu amor inventado em mim" 170 2
2 Dina "Amor d'água fresca" 230 1
3 Luís Duarte "Um amigo sempre à mão" 47 10
4 José Carvalho "Foi aparecida" 100 8
5 Isabel Campelo "Boa noite, tristeza" 141 4
6 Nani "Eu sou maria-rapaz" 157 3
7 Os Safari "Amo o sol" 140 5
8 Maria Emauz "Outra noite" 52 9
9 Cristina Roque "A tua cor café" 137 6
10 Diana "Um adeus que demora" 102 7

At Eurovision[edit]

Dina performed 8th on the night of the contest, following Sweden and preceding Cyprus. She received 26 points in total, placing 17th in a field of 23.

Points awarded to Portugal
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

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