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Potomac Consolidated TRACON

Potomac TRACON, abbreviated PCT, is the FAA air traffic control facility in charge of the Washington, D. C. airspace and Washington Special Flight Rules Area, assigning squawk codes. It is based in Warrenton, United States. PCT is a consolidation of 4 former TRACON facilities controlling air traffic for the region's 4 major airports: Washington Dulles International Airport, Washington National Airport, Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Richmond International Airport. PCT is organized into 4 areas, still associated with those geographic regions: Shenandoah covers Dulles and the west area of PCT Mount Vernon covers the Washington National Airport, Joint Base Andrews, surrounding region Chesapeake covers BWI and the northern area of PCT James River covers Richmond and the southern area of PCT

Free Agents

Free Agents is a romantic black comedy starring Stephen Mangan, Sharon Horgan and Anthony Head. A pilot for Channel 4 in November 2007, the series began on 13 February 2009, it spawned a short lived US remake, cancelled after just 4 episodes aired, although 4 more were released on Hulu. Alex Taylor works for a successful talent agency. Whilst he is grateful for his job, he is going through a messy divorce, causing him to become depressed, his boss however, Stephen Cauldwell, is sex-obsessed and roguish. Alex meets Helen Ryan, a co-worker, more successful and herself recovering from a messy relationship, after her boyfriend died months before her wedding; the series is written by Chris Niel. It was formed as part of Channel 4's 2007 Comedy Showcase along with Plus One and The Kevin Bishop Show, both of which were given their own series; the show was entitled Bitter and Twisted. The series ended on 20 March. Shortly before the final episode aired, Mangan told a reporter that he and the rest of the cast were hoping to make a second series.

The pilot attracted positive reviews. David Chater in The Times said, "There is a good deal of snappy banter between the two, but Anthony Head as their boss steals the show as a pervy old goat out of whose mouth pours an unending stream of uncensored filth. It’s like being confronted by an erection on screen – more amazing than shocking."Gareth McLean in The Guardian said, "There's little funnier than other people's emotional damage and the consequent mess they make of things, so Chris Niel's tale of two colleagues - he an estranged dad, she availed of a dead fiance - who have casual sex and have to deal with the aftermath is funny indeed."When the series was first broadcast, the Sunday Express attacked the show because of bad language, claiming that the word "cunt" was used three times and "fuck" 22 times. John Beyer from Mediawatch said, "The obscene language in this programme is appalling by any standard, it shows a disregard of public concern, unacceptable from a public service broadcaster."

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Members of the 2005–09 Lebanese Parliament

This list compiles the names of Parliament of Lebanon members who were elected in June 2005. The Parliament of Lebanon has 128 members. Changes during the legislature: Edmond Naim, who died in office, was replaced with Pierre Daccache. Gebran Tueni, victim of assassination, was replaced by his father Ghassan Tueni. Pierre Gemayel and Walid Eido, both assassinated, were replaced in a 2007 by-election by Camille Khoury and Mohammed Amin el Itani. Antoine Ghanem, assassinated in September 2007, was not replaced until the June 2009 scheduled parliamentary election ushered in his successor. 2005 Lebanese general election Members of the 2009–2013 Lebanese Parliament The Members of Parliament, Parliament of Lebanon, 2005, archived from the original on 2007-07-04, retrieved 2013-09-13

Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes is a simple interpreted server-side scripting language used exclusively for the World Wide Web. It is most useful for including the contents of one or more files into a web page on a web server, using its #include directive; this could be a common piece of code throughout a site, such as a page header, a page footer and a navigation menu. SSI contains control directives for conditional features and directives for calling external programs, it is supported by LiteSpeed, nginx, IIS as well as W3C's Jigsaw. It has its roots in NCSA HTTPd. In order for a web server to recognize an SSI-enabled HTML file and therefore carry out these instructions, either the filename should end with a special extension, by default.shtml.stm.shtm, or, if the server is configured to allow this, set the execution bit of the file. As a simple programming language, SSI supports only one type: text, its control flow is rather simple, choice is supported, but loops are not natively supported and can only be done by recursion using include or using HTTP redirect.

The simple design of the language makes it easier to learn and use than most server-side scripting languages, while complicated server-side processing is done with one of the more feature-rich programming languages. SSI is Turing complete. SSI has a simple syntax: <!--#directive parameter=value parameter=value -->. Directives are placed in HTML comments so that if SSI is not enabled, users will not see the SSI directives on the page, unless they look at its source. Note that the syntax does not allow spaces between the leading "<" and the directive. Apache tutorial on SSI stipulates the format requires a space character before the "-->" that closes the element. A web page containing a daily quotation could include the quotation by placing the following code into the file of the web page: With one change of the quote.txt file, all pages that include the file will display the latest daily quotation. The inclusion is not limited to files, may be the text output from a program, or the value of a system variable such as the current time.

The following are SSI directives from the times of NCSA HTTPd. They are supported by all implementations. Control directives are added to SSI, they include the ubiquitous if-elif-else-endif flow control and variable writing as well as more exotic features like loops only found in some implementations. ESI Language reference from implementations: Apache: Apache mod_include Reference. Calls directives "elements". Nginx: Module ngx_http_ssi_module. Calls directives "commands". NCSA HTTPd: Original NCSA HTTPd SSI Reference. Calls directives "commands". W3C Jigsaw: Server Side Include commands. Calls directives "elements". Expanded with servlets, JDBC, HTTP cookie, loops. Tutorials: Apache SSI Tutorial Server-Side Includes Tutorial Plain-English Guide to SSI SSI-Developer, Apache Server Side Includes

Musco Lighting

Musco Lighting is a owned, American company that specializes in the design and manufacture of sports and large area lighting systems. Based out of Oskaloosa, Musco is responsible for lighting a full range of sports facilities, from Daytona International Speedway and Emirates Stadium, to thousands of Little League fields worldwide. In addition to lighting both Mount Rushmore National Memorial and the Statue of Liberty, it provides lighting systems for large industrial areas, such as DP World Jebel Ali Port Terminal 1 and Georgia Ports Authority's Garden City Terminal. Musco has won an Academy Award and an Emmy Award. Musco Lighting was founded by Joe Crookham, a lawyer, Myron Gordin, an engineer. Together in 1968 they founded a startup business venture named G&L Industries which manufactured products that were sold under their customer's brand names. In 1976, Joe and Myron purchased the Muscatine Lighting and Manufacturing Company in Muscatine, which marked the start of Musco Lighting. A year in 1977, the company released the Sports Cluster® system.

This development featured fixtures that were mounted on metal cross arms, rather than the standard wooden ones, simplifying installation and improving reliability. By 1979, through research and development, the company introduced factory luminaire aiming, as well as the remote ballast, simplifying maintenance by placing electrical components in a service box near the base of the pole. Musco would enter the movie industry in 1983, when they provided lighting for All the Right Moves, a Tom Cruise film. Musco continued to light large sporting events, including the 1983 Super Bowl, followed by the 1984 Olympic Games taking place in Los Angeles, they marketed to small baseball parks across the US by designing a four-pole light system for Little League fields. The second half of the 1980s consisted of Musco lighting the rededication ceremony for the Statue of Liberty, providing on-screen lighting for the film "Field of Dreams" and several others, introducing several new products including SportsCluster-2®, Level-8™, Total Light Control™.

In 1992, Musco was contracted to light the first Little League World Series to be played at night at Lamade Stadium. After this World Series, the company would go on to become the Official Sports-Lighting System of Little League Baseball and partner to create A Safety Awareness Program™ to improve safety in Little League. Musco moved into a new area of sports lighting by developing Mirtran™ to meet the criteria for lighting NASCAR tracks. Charlotte Motor Speedway was the first to receive this new technology in 1992 for "one hot night", a part of the 1992 Winston Cup; this design would be used at the Daytona International Speedway. Musco made their first major lighting installation in Europe by implementing its lighting system at Dunstall Park, in England; the final year of the decade saw a major innovation in regards to facility management with Control-Link, a wireless control system based on internet technologies that provide facility managers the ability to control their sports-lighting remotely.

Musco expanded in 2002 both internationally by opening production facilities in China and South Korea, domestically by placing regionally based lighting technicians to service customers in the US. In 2005, Musco introduced Musco's Light-Structure Green™ system and the Musco Constant 25™, a 25-year warranty and maintenance program; the White House was Musco's first outdoor application with the technology. Additionally, in 2008 Musco brought light to the Losail International Circuit, one of the world's largest lighting projects, along with the Yas Marina Circuit in 2009. In 2010, Musco engaged one of its largest projects, lighting the East Span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. After three years of development and testing, the design had 51,500 LEDs in 1,600 light fixtures strategically aimed to highlight the bridge without shining light in the eyes of the 300,000 daily drivers; the new LED system reduced energy consumption by 50 percent compared to typical metal halide lighting. In 2013, Musco installed LED lights at Arizona State University's Wells Fargo Arena, the first in NCAA basketball.

The following year, Georgia LakePoint Sporting Community installed Musco's Light-Structure Green™ LED system, the first major sports complex to do so. Musco installed its system at NRG Stadium, making it one of the first NFL stadiums to be lit with LED technology, at Twickenham Stadium, one of the first in Europe, for the Rugby World Cup being held in England. Musco's SportsCluster Green™ LED system is in the Dallas CowboysAT&T Stadium. In 2015, Musco took on the task of providing LED lighting for both the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. Musco's 2016 projects of scale included Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal F. C. Petco Park of the San Diego Padres, Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros. Musco has offices around the globe, in Australia, China, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, UAE, United Kingdom, the United States. Musco Sports Lighting

Newtown, Cumbria

Not to be confused with Newtown near Brampton, to the north-east of Carlisle. For other uses, see Newtown. Newtown is a hamlet in the civil parish of Holme St Cuthbert in United Kingdom, it is located two miles north-east of the village of Mawbray, a little over half-a-mile as the crow flies to the south-east of Beckfoot, twenty-five miles west of the city of Carlisle. The B5300 coast road runs three-quarters of a mile to the west of the hamlet, which goes to Maryport, nine-and-a-quarter miles to the south-west, Silloth-on-Solway four miles to the north. Newtown was first recorded in a 1538 survey of the Manor of Holm Cultram, in the past has been known as New Mawbray; the name "Mawbray" comes from the Old English mæge-burh, meaning "the maidens' stronghold", or "maidens' castle", the "New" prefix was added to distinguish the settlement from its namesake. Additional variant spellings include New Mawbrough, Newton and Newtowene; the hamlet was created. This resulted in many residents having to leave their homes.

Defence against Scottish incursions across the Solway was a concern of the Lord and Steward of Holm Cultram when planning the new settlement. Residents of Newtown in this era would have been expected to take part in the "seawake", a night watch to guard the Solway coast against Scottish raids. In 1828, a farmer named, his diaries recorded farming life on the Solway Plain in the 19th century, have given local historians a great deal of information about Newtown and surrounding communities during that period. The hamlet itself has no public transportation amenities; the nearest primary school is at Holme St. Cuthbert, one-and-a-quarter miles to the south-east, as is the parish church. There is a pub, the Lowther, in Mawbray, but the closest attraction to Newtown is a farm park and tea room called the Gincase; the nearest railway station is Aspatria, the nearest bus stops are at Beckfoot and Mawbray, on the B5300 coast road. Newtown is situated near to the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which encompasses much of the shoreline to the west of the hamlet.

Along this section of the shoreline and Wolsty banks are designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The hamlet is within the civil parish of Holme St. Cuthbert, the borough of Allerdale; the parliamentary constituency is Workington, the MP as of 2015 is Sir Tony Cunningham. Listed buildings in Holme St Cuthbert