Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
PR Operation Overdrive logo.png
Science fantasy
Based onGoGo Sentai Boukenger
by Toei Company
Developed byJetix
The Walt Disney Company
Toei Company
Directed byMark Beesley
Britta Johnstone
Jonathan Brough
Mike Smith
Charlie Haskell
Vanessa Alexander
StarringJames Maclurcan
Caitlin Murphy
Samuell Benta
Rhoda Montemayor
Gareth Yuen
Dwayne Cameron
Rod Lousich
David Weatherley
Kelson Henderson
Gerald Urquhart
Ria Vandervis
Nic Sampson
Theme music composerThe Transcenders
Herman van Doorn
Composer(s)Leigh Roberts
Ry Welch
Gad Emile Zeitune
Wayne Jones
Rhett Nelson
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes32 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Bruce Kalish
Koichi Sakamoto
Producer(s)Janine Dickins
Charles Knight
Production location(s)Auckland, New Zealand
Kyoto, Japan, & Tokyo, Japan
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)BVS Entertainment
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company, Ltd.
Ranger Productions, Ltd.
DistributorDisney-ABC Domestic Television
Disney-ABC International Television
Original networkToon Disney (Jetix)
ABC (ABC Kids) (reruns)
Picture format480i
Original releaseFebruary 26 (2007-02-26) –
November 12, 2007 (2007-11-12)
Preceded byPower Rangers Mystic Force
Followed byPower Rangers Jungle Fury
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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is the fifteenth season and anniversary of the American television franchise Power Rangers. It uses footage and other material from the Super Sentai series GoGo Sentai Boukenger, which was also the thirtieth entry and anniversary of that franchise, it premiered on February 26, 2007.[1] Operation Overdrive is broadcast on Toon Disney's Jetix programming block and ABC Kids in the United States, and on stand-alone Jetix networks in other countries; the program is a co-production between The Walt Disney Company and Toei. It was the first Power Rangers season to use HD footage of the Sentai, it was also broadcast on terrestrial network ITV in the United Kingdom. It was the first season for the Power Rangers series that did not air on ABC Family.

Unique among Power Ranger series, Operation Overdrive has the Rangers exploring, operating and fighting in many different countries around the world, rather than focusing only on their home city of San Angeles. In search of their objective, the Rangers have been to Atlantis, unnamed islands in the Atlantic and Pacific, Saint Lucia, Istanbul, London, Portugal, Indonesia, Norway, Mexico, Egypt, Florida, Greece and Japan. To specifically battle villainous attacks, they have visited Rotuma Island, Australia, Brazil and Stonehenge.


The early working title for the series was Power Rangers Drive Force, but was later changed to "Relic Hunters" and then "Operation Overdrive"[2]

In early pre-production, on July 26, 2006, the series' logo was posted on a fan message board called "Fuñaroboard." [3] This same logo was later featured on the Disney website, RangerSecrets.com, as part of the preview for the series.[4] The logo is very similar to that of the parent series Boukenger in the basic design and format.

On November 14, 2006, Disney had set up its official website for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.[5]


Five brave, skilled, and adventurous young people are chosen to search for several magical jewels that were long ago taken from the Corona Aurora (literally "Crown of the Dawn"), so as to prevent them from coming into the possession of Moltor and Flurious, who are brothers connected to ice and fire banished long ago by the Corona's guardian for having attempted to steal it;[6] when the billionaire explorer Andrew Hartford discovered the Corona Aurora, they escaped their exile and rallied their allies. In response, Andrew Hartford selected the talented youths and modified their DNA so as to grant them exceptional physical powers by which to combat the evil. Although Moltor and Flurious initially attempted to work together, they soon became rivals; the Corona Aurora fell into Moltor's hands; yet without its jewels, it could not grant the owner universal power. Later, the evil warriors Kamdor and Miratrix began hunting for the jewels, as did the extraterrestrial 'Fearcats'. Now the Rangers, joined by a Mercurian named Tyzonn who joined their ranks as the Mercury Ranger, are forced to fight multiple villains and travel worldwide in the effort to capture the jewels before their enemies can.

In order to accomplish this purpose, the members of Operation Overdrive are equipped with futuristic technology similar to that featured in previous Power Ranger continuities, which improves in sophistication and power with successive episodes; each time a new Ranger, new weapon, or (in one subplot, if not more) new reason for battle is introduced, that Ranger, weapon, or reason produces the decimation of one major enemy (such as Kamdor and Miratrix) or a host of foot soldiers. Thereafter the odds resume their former state; the physical powers granted by genetic modification are seldom used, seen, or mentioned, except when one or more Rangers is rescued by their use. Throughout the series, legends are included or invented to give a feeling of antiquity: these include Thor's Hammer, Atlantis and Poseidon, who is mentioned under the Roman name, Neptune.


Overdrive Rangers


Veteran Rangers:




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