Presentation College, Chaguanas

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Presentation College Chaguanas
Corner Yves and Rene Streets

Coordinates10°31′11″N 61°24′44″W / 10.5197°N 61.4123°W / 10.5197; -61.4123Coordinates: 10°31′11″N 61°24′44″W / 10.5197°N 61.4123°W / 10.5197; -61.4123
School typeGovernment Assisted, Denominational Roman Catholic
MottoDomine Nos Dirige
(Lord Show Us The Way)
DenominationRoman Catholic
Patron saint(s)Blessed Edmund Rice
EstablishedMarch 1959
FounderCanon Max Murphy
School boardThe School Management & Advisory Committee(SMAC) Mr. V.Pilgrim, Chairman
School districtCaroni Educational District
AuthorityArchdiocesan Education Board of Management
PrincipalMr. Brian Seemungal
ChaplainFr. Dereck Anthon, Chaguanas R.C. Church
Teaching staff40
Age range11-19
Number of students634
Sixth form students160
Average class size35
Classes offered21 approx
Hours in school day6.5
HousesFinbar, Aquinas, Chaconia, Ibis
Colour(s)Brown, burgundy, blue
SongVirgin of the Presentation
SportsFootball, Cricket, Track and Field, Badminton
NicknamePres, Pres Chag, PCC
RivalsPresentation College, San Fernando, Hillview College
National rankingNumber 1
School roll560

Presentation College, Chaguanas is a Roman Catholic secondary school in Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago and is the brother school of Presentation College, San Fernando.


The Endeavour estates donated the land on which the school is on. With the concern for the welfare of underprivileged youths, Canon Max Murphy founded the school with the permission of the then Archbishop of Port of Spain, Count Finbar Ryan, it was first known as "the parish school," but was later renamed Pamphilian High School, and then The College of St. Phillip and St. James. In 1959, the school established at its current location and management was taken over by the Presentation Brothers who continued to run the school until 1997. On 19 March 1959, the then Education and Culture Minister, Dr. Patrick Solomon, formally commissioned the school. On 4 October 2009, the school celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Although the school is primarily Roman Catholic, it has a diverse student body of different religions. Hosted and organized by the students, the school holds various religious celebrations annually, such as Diwali, Eid, and Christmas.

In September 2019, Distinguished Alumni and reputed Chemistry teacher, former Dean, and Vice Prinicpal, Mr. Brian Seemungal was appointed Principal, succeeding Captain Gary Ribiero. Mr. Raphael Max Ramlal(FORM 1), Mr. Ganesh Pulchan(FORM 2), Mr. Trevorn Aguillera (FORM 3), Mrs. Krystal K. Pedro(FORM 4), Mr. Khaleel Sahibdeen(FORM 5), and Mr. Darshan Maharaj(FORM 6) are the deans at the college; the Heads of Department are Mr. Anthony Hosein (Mathematics), Mrs. Mylene Semungal (Sciences), Mrs. L. Boodoo (Languages), and Mr. Roland Hosein (Business).

House system[edit]

The school has four houses:

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