Private Buckaroo

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Private Buckaroo
Film poster
Directed by Edward F. Cline
Produced by Ken Goldsmith
Screenplay by Edmond Kelso
Edward James
Story by Paul Girard
Cinematography Elwood Bredell
Edited by Milton Carruth
Universal Pictures
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
  • May 28, 1942 (1942-05-28) (Los Angeles)
  • June 12, 1942 (1942-06-12) (United States)
Running time
68 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Private Buckaroo is a 1942 American musical film directed by Edward F. Cline starring The Andrews Sisters, Dick Foran, Harry James, Shemp Howard, Joe E. Lewis, and Jennifer Holt. The film tells the story of army recruits following basic training, with the Andrews Sisters attending USO dances.


Entertainer Lon Prentice initially is keen to enlist in the US Army but is prevented from this due to his having one flat foot. After having the flat fixed, he is accepted for enlistment. Soon after basic training begins, Private Prentice informs his commanding officer that he finds most military training useless, unnecessary and beneath him. His commander orders all the men that Private Prentice is exempt from doing things he doesn't want to do, which turns the entire camp against him.



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