Procopius of Ustyug

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Saint Procopius of Ustyug
Born before 1243
Died (1303-07-08)July 8, 1303
Veliky Ustyug
Canonized 17th century by Russian Orthodox Church
Feast July 8

Procopius of Ustyug (Russian: Прокопий Устюжский or Святой Прокопий Любекский, German: Prokopius von Ustjug und Lübeck; 1243? — (1303-07-08)July 8, 1303[1] in Veliky Ustyug) was a fool for Christ (yurodivy), a miracle worker, saint of Russian Orthodox Church, formerly a merchant from Lübeck. He was born in Germany, a Roman Catholic merchant who converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity during his travels.[2]

Though he is sometimes identified as one Jacob Potharst, son of a Lübeck merchant, Procopius' worldly name, surname, date and place of birth are not reliably determined. In 1818 the universal celebration of the saint was established.[3]

St. Procopius lived as yurodivy (Russian: юродивый) for 60 years. In 1290 he predicted the fall of meteorite near Veliky Ustyug, as well as tornado and conflagration.


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