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Project Eden
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Project Eden is a Canadian research and development private corporation, which designs products for seniors with arthritis. Its primary product is the ‘’’Edex’, a writing implement which reduces movements traditionally associated with writing. Project Eden was founded in Waterloo, Ontario and is currently headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, its products are currently manufactured by


Project Eden was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario. Though founded in Waterloo, Ontario, it later relocated to Kitchener, Ontario, although it manufactured the first series of Edex writers in house, it later outsourced this work to a company in the Greater Toronto Area.


Project Eden’s main product, the Edex, is a finger mounted writing aid designed to meet the needs of the arthritic population, most of whom are Baby Boomers, this target population often find their writing abilities restricted due to pain and frustration, which can be attenuated by the Edex.

The Edex is made of a pair of padded aluminum loops which fit around the index and middle fingers. Any writing instrument that is attached to the device can be operated with minimal finger movement, allowing the hand to remain close to its rest position, this reduces the problems faced by arthritic seniors when trying to write.

While other products by Project Eden are available in the market, or in the process of being launched, Project Eden has also invested in the research and development of other products for arthritic seniors.

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