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Project Fame was a pan-African version of the international talent/reality show Star Academy. Held in Johannesburg, South Africa from June to August 2004, the show had 16 African contestants - 9 of which were South African - groomed for stardom, with the weakest being eliminated on a weekly basis; the top three received record deals and the winner got a lot more prizes.

The contestants were eliminated in the following way: the Board (judges) place four contestants on probation, the teachers save one, the other contestants save another and viewers save a third, thereby eliminating the last contestant; as the show progressed, the number of contestants placed on probation rose to five resulting in two contestants being eliminated. The last five remaining contestants' fates were determined by viewers' votes.

An East African version; Tusker Project Fame (season 1) began on 1 October – 17 December 2006, it continues to run each year and the latest is Tusker Project Fame season 4 which ended on 6 December 2010, and won by Ugandan Davis Hillary Ntare.

The show can be described as Idols meets Big Brother Africa as the contestants' daily activities were recorded 24 hours a day.

Final results[edit]

Rank Contestant Date of elimination
1 Lindiwe Alam  Zambia winner
2 Jonathan Ross  South Africa 29 August
3 Daré Art Alade  Nigeria 29 August
4 Tebogo Moloto  South Africa 29 August
5 Tracey-Lee Oliver  South Africa 29 August
6 Johan du Plooy*  South Africa 22 August
6 Monica Burger  South Africa 22 August
8 Kudzai Sevenzo*  Zimbabwe 15 August
8 Karen Lucas  Kenya 15 August
10 Claudia Mohr*  South Africa 8 August
10 Steve Peralta  South Africa 8 August
12 Didge Nyatome  Kenya 1 August
13 Robyn Hendricks  South Africa 25 July
14 Tumi Ramailane  South Africa 18 July
15 Carl "Bodea" Eckle  Tanzania 11 July
16 Jid'dah Ado-Ibrahim  Nigeria 4 July

*These contestants performed better than their equally
ranked contestants as they were on probation less often.