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Project Madurai (மதுரை தமிழ் இலக்கிய மின்தொகுப்புத் திட்டம்) is an open and voluntary initiative to publish free versions of ancient Tamil literature on the Internet.[1] Texts are published in both TSCII (Tamil Script Code for Information Interchange), since its launch in 1998 and Unicode formats from 2004. The project was led by Dr. K. Kalyanasundaram, Lausanne, Switzerland (Project Leader) and Dr. P. Kumar Mallikarjunan, Blacksburg, Va, USA (Dy. Project Leader).[2]

Project Madurai is one among many projects those are currently active worldwide which attempt to put ancient literary works in electronic form.

The etexts are distributed in both HTML and PDF file formats.

Tools Used[edit]

During this project eKalappai is the tool used to type Tamil letters using standard US-en 101 Key board.[3]


  • In 2007 Project Madurai was awarded the Iyal Award from The Tamil Literary Garden for their contribution to Tamil Literature through Information Technology


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