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Project Ozma

Project Ozma was a pioneering SETI experiment started in 1960 by Cornell University astronomer Frank Drake, at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank at Green Bank, West Virginia. The object of the experiment was to search for signs of life in distant planetary systems through interstellar radio waves; the program was named after Princess Ozma, ruler of the fictional land of Oz, inspired by L. Frank Baum's supposed communication with Oz by radio to learn of the events in the books taking place after The Emerald City of Oz; the search was publicized in articles in the popular media such as Time magazine. Drake used a radio telescope with a diameter of 85 feet to examine the stars Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani near the 1.420 gigahertz marker frequency. Both are nearby Sun-like stars that seemed reasonably to have inhabited planets. A 400 kilohertz band was scanned around the marker frequency, using a single-channel receiver with a bandwidth of 100 hertz; the information was stored on tape for off-line analysis.

Some 150 hours of intermittent observation during a four-month period detected no recognizable signals. A false signal was detected on April 8, 1960, but it was determined to have originated from a high-flying aircraft; the receiver was tuned to wavelengths near 21 cm, the wavelength of radiation emitted by interstellar hydrogen. A second experiment, called Ozma II, was conducted with a larger telescope at the same observatory by Patrick Palmer and Benjamin Zuckerman, who intermittently monitored 670 nearby stars for about four years, they examined a 10 MHz bandwidth with 52 kHz resolution and a 625 kHz bandwidth with 4 kHz resolution. The spectrometer was centered on the 21 cm hydrogen line in the rest frame of each observed star. Ozma problem

Phoenix (Asia album)

Phoenix is the tenth studio album by British rock band Asia, released in 2008. It was the first studio recording with the original line-up after the reunion in 2006. All tracks are written except where noted. John Wetton – lead vocal, bass guitar Steve Howe – electric and steel guitars Geoff Downeskeyboards Carl Palmerdrums, percussion Hugh McDowellcello Steve Rispin – co-producer, mixing engineer Simon Hanhart – mixing engineer Curtis Schwartz – mixing engineer John X. Volaitis – mixing engineer John Dentmastering engineer Evren Göknar – mastering engineer Roger Dean – cover logotype, inside painting Martyn Dean – computer work, cover design Michael Inns – photography Karen Gladwell – artwork

Robert Gant

Robert Gant is an American actor. He rose to prominence through his role as Ben Bruckner on Queer as Folk. At age ten, Gant began acting in television commercials in Florida and became a member of the Screen Actors Guild at the age of eleven. Gant studied jazz dance with The American Musical Theatre Company in Tampa, he performed a soft-shoe routine at MacDill Air Force Base with comedian Bob Hope as part of Hope's USO tour. While attending the University of Pennsylvania, Gant majored in English literature with both Shakespeare and poetry concentrations, he performed in musicals, including playing the Dentist in "Little Shop of Horrors" and Neville Landless in "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" and acted in the school's Penn Film Foundation film "Movements.". Gant attended the Georgetown University Law Center, where he was awarded his Juris Doctor in 1993. Gant was a member of the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society, performing in a number of its productions. Gant started a six-man a cappella group, The MetroGnomes, which performed in venues around Washington, DC.

Gant accepted a position with the LA office of Chicago-based law firm Baker McKinzie. When the international firm closed its Los Angeles office shortly thereafter, Gant decided to pursue his lifelong dream of acting and performing. Gant's most well known role was as Professor Ben Bruckner in Showtime's television series, "Queer as Folk." His character was married in the first legal gay marriage portrayed on television. Gant portrayed television's first gay spy in the film, "Kiss Me Deadly,", shot on location on New Zealand. Gant portrayed Melissa Benoist's Kryptonian father Zor-El on "Supergirl," as Todd Crimsen on the Netflix series "Thirteen Reasons Why," and as Jim Hunter on "The Fosters" and its spin-off series "Good Trouble." Prior to "Queer as Folk," Gant recurred as Principal Calvin Krupps in Ryan Murphy's first television series, "Popular," and as Caroline's boyfriend Trevor in "Caroline in the City."Gant has had guest roles on TV show "Friends," where he played one of two men Phoebe was dating as well as "Melrose Place," "Becker," the "CSI's," and "Criminal Minds,"In 2004, Gant starred in the short film "Billy's Dad is a Fudgepacker," an homage to 1950's educational films, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

In 2005, Gant was a series regular in the BBC 3-produced drama "Personal Affairs," set in London's financial sector and filmed on location in both London and Scotland. Robert was the sole American in an otherwise all British cast. In 2013, he portrayed Captain Robert Norton in "Dead Space 3," the third installment in the popular Dead Space video game series released from Electronic Arts.. Gant was a producing partner in Mythgarden, its feature film, "Save Me," a drama set against the backdrop of the ex-gay ministry, stars Gant along with Judith Light and Chad Allen and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. He co-produced, co-wrote, starred in the Netflix-distributed period drama "Milada," the true story of Czech heroine Milada Horakova, who was, in 1950, the first woman executed in Czech history by the Communist government. In an interview published by The Advocate magazine, Gant came out as gay in 2002, he had a chocolate lab named Bodhi. He resides in Los Angeles. Gant supports such organizations as Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders and Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing.

Gant has been involved politically, stumping at presidential campaign events for Howard Dean. Robert Gant on IMDb


Xerath were a British heavy metal band from Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK. The band formed in 2007, gained international recognition after the release of their debut album I via Candlelight Records in 2009, a record label they stuck with throughout their existence. Containing elements of progressive, death and symphonic metal, Xerath's music is characterized by the mix of polyrhythmic guitar riffing and drumming, with orchestral and symphonic elements. Xerath cited their influences as Strapping Young Lad, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth as well as film score composition and an eclectic mix of other bands and genres. After nearly a decade of touring and three album releases, the group disbanded in early 2017. Xerath was the brainchild of its first guitarist, Andy Phillips, who formed the band in 2007 with drummer Michael Pitman, bassist Owain Williams and Richard Thomson as an experiment to combine film score style composition and classical music with technical heavy metal; the idea was to try and take advantage of a direction that metal music had failed to exploit, with the rare exceptions of bands like Dimmu Borgir.

In that first year, Xerath won the Terrorizer Magazine best unsigned band competition based on reader votes, which led to, in early 2008, signing their first record deal with Candlelight Records, a record label they remained with for their entire history. Xerath released their debut CD entitled I in May 2009, this was followed by their first notable live performance at Bloodstock Open Air festival, they went on to become regulars at the festival, playing there in 2011, 2013 and 2015. By the time their second album, II, was released on 3 May 2011, Owain Williams was the lead-guitarist and the band was a well established success, they were touring China and India, were seen at Europe's music festivals such as Euroblast, their third and final album III, with new lead-guitarist Conor McGouran, was released in September 2014. Xerath's lead guitarist position changed twice in their history. Andy Phillips, the band's principle founder and first lead-guitarist was replaced by former bassist Owain Williams, in turn replaced by guitarist Conor McGouran in 2013.

The average of one lead guitarist per album released did not dampen the success of the band, but in 2016 both the bassist and drummer changed and splits in the direction that Xerath needed to go started to appear. Richard Thomson was the band's only remaining founding member when they announced their disbandment on 1 February 2017 via an announcement on their Facebook page, their final recording, was released online along with the announcement. Their planned fourth album was never completed announced nor named, but it was mentioned and referred to as IV or IIII based on their previous album names. Two members went on to team up with Jørn Lande, ZP Theart and others in the band Pentakill, whose second album topped the iTunes metal chart shortly thereafter. Richard Thomson – vocals Conor McGouran – guitar Steve Woodcockbass Ben Wanders – drums Andy Phillips – guitars Owain Williams – guitars and bass Christopher Clark – bass Michael Pitman – drums All three of Xerath's albums were released by Candlelight Records.

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Yevgeny Shapovalov

Yevgeny Petrovich Shapovalov was a Soviet army general, awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Yevgeny Shapovalov was born on December 1904 in the city of Taganrog into a worker's family, he worked as a shoemaker. He joined the Red Army in 1922 and received higher military education in Kharkiv and at Frunze Military Academy, he became a member of Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1940. During the German-Soviet War, lieutenant colonel Shapovalov commanded the 23rd Guards Infantry Division, was successful at the Battle of Berlin in April–May 1945. On May 31, 1945, he was awarded the titles of Hero of the Soviet Union, Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal. In 1951, he graduated from the Stalin Military Academy of Mechanized Forces. In 1955, he retired and worked as director of a sovkhoz in Fastiv Raion of Kiev Oblast from 1960 to 1965, after which time he became a pensioner, he is buried at Kiev's Lukyanovskoe Military Cemetery. Hero of the Soviet UnionOrder of Lenin Order of the Red Banner Gold Star Yevgeny Shapovalov at War Heroes web site

Bangaon Dakshin

Bangaon Dakshin is an assembly constituency in North 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Up to 2011 there was one assembly seat for Bangaon. From 2011 there are two seats -- Bangaon Dakshin; the seat is reserved for scheduled castes. The Bangaon seat was an open seat up to 2011; as per orders of the Delimitation Commission, No. 96 Bangaon Dakshin is composed of the following: Bairampur, Chauberia I, Chauberia II, Dighari and Palla gram panchayats of Bangaon community development block, Chandpara, Fulsara, Jaleswar II, Jhaudanga and Ramnagar gram panchayats of Gaighata community development block. Bangaon Dakshin is part of No. 14 Bangaon. Bongaon assembly constituency was earlier part of Barasat. In the 2011 election, Surajit Kumar Biswas of Trinamool Congress defeated his nearest rival Anuj Baran Sarkar of CPI. Note: New constituencies – 7, constituencies abolished – 2 In the 2009 bye-election caused by the election of sitting MLA, Saugata Roy to the Lok Sabha from Dum Dum, Gopal Seth of All India Trinamool Congress won the Bangaon seat.

In the 2006 bye-election caused by the death of the sitting MLA, Bhupen Seth, Saugato Roy of Trinamool Congress defeated Pankaj Ghosh of CPI. In the 2006 state assembly elections, Bhupendranath Seth of All India Trinamool Congress won the Bongaon assembly seat defeating his nearest rival Pankaj Ghosh of CPI. Contests in most years were multi cornered but only winners and runners are being mentioned. Pankaj Ghosh of CPI defeated Bhupendranath Seth and Congress respectively) in 2001 and 1996. Bhupendranath Seth of Congress defeated Ranajit Mitra of CPI in 1991. Ranajit Mitra of CPI defeated Bhupendranath Seth of Congress in 1987. Bhupendranath Seth of Congress defeated Ranajit Mitra of CPI in 1982. Ranajit Mitra of CPI defeated Bhupendranath Seth of Congress in 1977. Ajit Kumar Ganguly of CPI won in 1972, 1971 and 1969. K. Bhowmick of Congress won in 1967. Jiban Ratan Dhar of Congress won in 1962. In 1957, Bongaon was a joint seat. Ajit Kumar Ganguly of CPI and Manindra Bhusan Biswas of Congress won in 1957.

Jiban Ratan Dhar of Congress won in 1951