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Protected areas of Queensland

Queensland is the second largest state in Australia. It contains 472 separate protected areas with a total land area of 69,388 km2. 223 of these are National parks, the highest number of any Australian state or territory, totalling 65,871 km2. Seven others are Scientific National Parks, totalling 522 km2. Marine protected areas within the Queensland jurisdiction consist of fish habitat areas declared under the Fisheries Act 1994 and marine parks declared under the Marine Parks Act 2004. Fish habitat areas are listed in two lists -'A' and'B'; the Queensland jurisdiction only included the following three marine parks as of 2016. Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park Great Sandy Marine Park Moreton Bay Marine Park Protected areas of Australia Department of National Parks, Recreation and Racing Queensland Prison & Penal Historical Association

Trebor (confectionery)

Trebor is a brand of confectionery a British company. Trebor was founded on 4 January 1907 in south west Essex by W. B. Woodcock, Thomas Henry King, Robert Robertson, Sydney Herbert Marks from Leytonstone and was located on Katherine Road in Forest Gate, London E7; the name Trebor, “Robert” spelled backwards, was registered as a trademark four days after the end of World War I. On 18 April 1944, the factory in Katherine Road was hit by a German bomb, it bought Moffat toffee in 1959, Jamesons Chocolates in 1960. By the end of the 1960s, the company was exporting to over fifty countries; the largest export market was the United States. Up to 1966, it had doubled its exports in four years. In the 1967 Birthday Honours, the Chairman John Marks was appointed a CBE for the company's exports. By the end of the 1960s, it was the fourth largest confectionery manufacturing group in the United Kingdom. Early advertising for the Trebor Mints brand used the famous jingle "Trebor mints are a minty bit stronger".

In January 1969, it bought the confectionery interests of Clarnico. In 1970, John Graham Marks, the grandson of the company's founder, became chairman of the company, owned the company with his brother Ian. In 1981, the company discontinued night shifts, as it believed that night shifts were damaging to family life. In December 1985, it bought Maynards for £7.5m. In the middle of the 1980s, the company was the British market leader in branded mints and boiled sweets. On Thursday 14 September 1989, Cadbury Schweppes bought the company for £147m; the company was run as a subsidiary company of Cadbury. At the time, the company employed around 3,000. From 1 March 1990, the company was known as a division of Cadbury. Production would move to North Sheffield, off the A61; the company was headquartered in, Greater London. It had a factory at Forest Gate called the Trebor Works from 1935 between Upton Park tube station and East Ham tube station in what is now the London Borough of Newham, north of the former ground of West Ham United F.

C. and west of Plashet. Its main headquarters were at Clayhall, next to the southern terminus of the M11 on the Southend Road Industrial Estate on the A1400. In 1939, a factory on a five acre site was opened on Brimington Road in Chesterfield, on the site of a former brewery next to Chesterfield railway station; the Trebor Bassett national distribution centre was off the A6175 in Holmewood, North East Derbyshire, off the M1 Heath Interchange. In 1978, a £15m factory was opened in Colchester, which closed in March 2000. In April 1966, Trebor won the Queen's Award to Industry. Refreshers, launched in 1935 Extra Strong Mints, known as Extra Strong Peppermints when launched in 1937 SoftMints, peppermint or spearmint flavours SoftFruits, orange and strawberry flavours CAOBISCO Britain from Above in 1950 Trebor Story

Asian forest tortoise

The Asian forest tortoise known as the Asian brown tortoise, is a species of tortoise in the family Testudinidae. The species is endemic to Southeast Asia, it is believed to be among the most primitive of living tortoises, based on molecular and morphological studies. There are two recognized subspecies: M. e. emys occurring in southern Thailand, Sumatra, Borneo. The latter was named after Sir Arthur Purves Phayre, British Army officer in India who became Commissioner of British Burma. Based on a variety of phylogenetic characteristics, the genus Manouria is regarded as comparatively primitive and basal to other Testudinidae; the Asian forest tortoise is the largest tortoise in mainland Asia. The largest adults of the northern subspecies, Manouria emys phayrei, can reach 25 kg in the wild and much more than that in captivity; the carapace is depressed, its depth not half its length. The plastron is large, gular region somewhat produced and notched, hind lobe notched; the head is moderate in size.

The forelimbs anteriorly have large, pointed, imbricate tubercles, forming four or five longitudinal series. The hind limbs have large bony tubercles on the plantar surface, with others larger and spur-like on the heel, a group of still larger conical tubercles on each side on the back of the thighs. Adults are dark blackish; the carapace of juveniles is yellowish brown, with dark-brown markings. The Asian forest tortoise occurs in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam. Manouria emys is the only tortoise which lays its eggs above ground in a nest, which the female constructs of leaf litter; the female uses both front and rear legs to gather material for the nest and lays up to 50 eggs deep inside it. She sits on and near the nest to protect it, will "chase" predators and intruders away. Anderson J. "On Testudo Phayrei, Theob. & Dr. Gray". Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. Fourth Series. 8: 324–330. Doi:10.1080/00222937108696497. Blyth E. "Notices and Descriptions of Various Reptiles, New or Little-known. Part I".

J. Asiatic Soc. Bengal 22: 639-655. Schlegel H, Müller S. "Over de Schildpadden van den Indischen Archipel ". In: Temminck CJ. Verhandelingen over de natuurlijke geschiedenis der Nederlandsche overzeesche bezittingen, door de leden der Natuurkundige Commisie in Oost-Indie en andere schrijvers. Leijden folio. Afd. 1 Zoologie in 12 afleveringen, met 45 gekl. pl. - Vitg. Door C. J. Temminck, Leuchtmans u. Hoeck in comm.: 29-36... Stoliczka F. "Note on Testudo Phayrei". Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. Fourth Series. 8: 212. Doi:10.1080/00222937108696469. Manouria emys at the Reptile Database

Benjamin Seaver

Benjamin Seaver was an American politician, serving as the thirteenth mayor of Boston, Massachusetts from January 5, 1852 to January 2, 1854. Seaver was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts In 1812 Seaver became an apprentice at the auction and commission store of whitwell & Bond. In 1816 Seaver became a partner in the firm, renames Whitwell, Bond & Co. In 1818, Seaver purchased 5 shares of the Suffolk Bank, a clearinghouse bank on State Street in Boston. Seaver married Sarah Johnson. Seaver was first elected to represent Boston's Ward 5 as a member of the Common Council in 1845, he was reelected to the Common Council from Ward 5 in 1846 and 1847. In 1848 Seaver moved to Ward 4 and was subsequently elected as a councilor from the new ward in 1848 and 1849. In July 1847 Seaver was elected as President of the Common Council and he held that position for the two and a half years that he remained on the City of Boston Common Council. From 1846 to 1848 Seaver served as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and in 1850 and 1851 he was elected to the Massachusetts Senate.

Timeline of Boston, 1840s-1850s

José Ferrándiz y Niño

José Ferrándiz y Niño was a Spanish soldier and politician who became a vicealmirante in the Spanish Navy. He was died in Madrid, he was teacher in the Floating Naval School in Ferrol. He was part of Rear Admiral Manuel De La Camara's squadron when it was sent to Philippines during the Spanish–American War, he reached the rank of capitán de navío in 1903, when he was appointed Minister of the Navy during Antonio Maura's first government. He was in office again from 1907 to 1909. During this time, he enacted the law 7 January 1908 for the building of a new squadron after the disastrous results of the Spanish–American War. Known as Ferrandiz’s Law, this authorized: 3 España-class battleships of 15,700 tons each 3 Bustamante-class destroyers of 350 tons each 4 Recalde-class gunboats of 800 tons each 24 T-1-class torpedo boats of 180 tons each 4 tankers 1 tug Barges of munition and coal 1 transport, Almirante LoboHe ordered the modernization of the Cartagena and Ferrol shipyard and construction of a new dry dock for ships of up to 20,000 t.

He was elected senador from Lérida in 1903 and from Málaga in 1907. In 1909, King Alfonso XIII named him senator for life

Lake Square Mall

Lake Square Mall is an enclosed shopping mall in Leesburg, United States. Opened on September 24, 1980, it is managed by Exclusive Properties; the malls anchor stores are an entertainment center named Via Entertainment. The mall was built in 1980 by General Growth Properties, with Belk Lindsey, J. C. Penney, Sears as the anchor stores. An expansion comprising Target was first proposed in 1989, as part of an expansion that added ten new storefronts. Target opened in March 1992. In 1995, the movie theater complex, owned by AMC Theatres, expanded from six screens to twelve. Belk expanded its store into an adjacent storefront occupied by Rite Aid. A year the J. C. Penney store was remodeled, a stage was removed from center court. Simon Property Group and Macerich bought the mall in 1997. PetSmart was added in 2011; the closure of the Target store was announced in November 2013. That same month, Macerich put the mall up for auction, by March 2014, sold it to Kohan Retail Investment Group. Target ended up closing on February 1, 2014.

In January 2014, it was announced that JCPenney would be closing its store by May 2014, as a matter of fact closed on May 3, 2014. On September 3, 2014, Kohan sold the mall at an undisclosed amount to Via Properties of Istanbul, who renovated the mall into ViaPort Florida. In 2017, ViaPort Florida was purchased by Properties, Inc.. The new owners changed the name back to Lake Square Mall, they plan to cut down the vacancy rate and plan to renovate the mall's facade. On August 31, 2019, it was announced that Sears would be closing this location a part of a plan to close 92 stores nationwide; the store closed in December 2019. Official website