Protram 205 WrAs

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Protram 205 WrAs
205WrAs Wroclaw 2701.jpg
Protram low floor tram
ConstructedDecember 19, 2006
Number in service22
Fleet numbers2701 - 2722
Depot(s)Wroclaw, Poland
Train length26.55 m (87 ft 1.3 in)
Width2.36 m (7 ft 8.91 in)
Height3.2 m (10 ft 5.98 in)
Floor height?
Articulated sections3
Maximum speed60 km/h (37 mph)
Weight35 t (34 long tons; 39 short tons)
Axle load?
Steep gradient?
Traction motors8 x 50 kW (67 hp)
Power supply400 kW (540 hp)
Electric system(s)? Volt Catenary
Current collection methodPantograph
Wheels driven?
Minimum turning radius?
Track gauge?

The Protram 205 WrAs is a Polish partial low-floor, articulated tram produced by the company Protram.


The trams of this type are currently used in Wrocław Poland (thus the "Wr" in the name); the first tram of this type was delivered to MPK Wrocław in December 2006. Currently there are 22 205 WrAs trams in operation.