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Przegląd (English: Review) is a weekly Polish news and opinion magazine.

History and profile[edit]

Przegląd was started in 1990[1] as the successor of another weekly, Przegląd Tygodniowy, which had been published since 1982; the Editor-in-chief is Jerzy Domański.

Editorial board: Krystyna Kofta, Krzysztof Teodor Toeplitz, Piotr Gadzinowski, Bronisław Łagowski

Aleksander Małachowski and Stanisław Lem published in Przegląd.[citation needed]

Editorial stance[edit]

Przegląd is a left-wing publication,[2] and is considered to be connected with two Polish left-wing political parties,[1] the Democratic Left Alliance and Labour Union, it has been critical of the policies of all post-communist governments, and is opposed to the monetarist policies that were instituted by Polish economist and finance minister Leszek Balcerowicz. The magazine was a vocal opponent of Poland's military presence in Iraq, and remains a persistent critic of the role that the Catholic Church plays in the social and political life of Poland.

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