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Pular Volcano Chile 015.jpg
Miñiques surrounding area with Pular, Cerro Pajonales and Socompa in the distance.
Highest point
Elevation6,233 m (20,449 ft) [1]
Prominence1,898 m (6,227 ft) [2]
Coordinates24°11′15″S 68°03′15″W / 24.18750°S 68.05417°W / -24.18750; -68.05417Coordinates: 24°11′15″S 68°03′15″W / 24.18750°S 68.05417°W / -24.18750; -68.05417[1]
English translationThe Eyebrow
Language of nameKunza
Pular is located in Chile
LocationAntofagasta Region, Chile
Parent rangeAndes
Mountain typeStratovolcanoes
Last eruptionUnknown[1]
First ascentInca, pre-Columbian[3]

Pular is a massive stratovolcano located in the Antofagasta Region of northern Chile, about 15 km west of the border with Argentina, which in this area is a straight line between the summits of Socompa volcano and Cerro del Rincón. Pular, along with Cerro Pajonales, forms a high volcanic ridge, which runs in a generally north-east to south-west direction for 12 km (7 mi). Southward, following the same direction as the ridge, lies Socompa volcano. The ridge's crest forms a drainage divide between Salar de Atacama basin and Salar de Pular basin. This latter is a bowl-shaped basin enclosed on the east by Aracar volcano.

In the Kunza language Pular means "The Eyebrow".[3]

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